I'm a Sassy Girl

So, today I really enjoyed work, because I (finally) got to do register instead of covering myself in sticky custard. It was really fun! Which may have been because I had a really fun trainer named Ryan, who was such a goofball. Anyways, my manager for the day, Lucas and Ryan are really good friends, and they were talking about something in basketball called Heat (idk... weird sports terms) and they were freaking out about watching the game, and Lucas decided to wait for Ryan to get out of work. Of course, Lucas wanted to scare me and made me take his order, and ordered, of all things, ranch on his hamburger just to be mean. But Ryah stuck up for me, and then helped me. Stupid Lucas. Anyways, I was kind of freaking out, and Lucas was taking too much pleasure in my discomfort. Kira decided to get a little sassy, because she knew Lucas would take it okay. So at the end of my shift, I went to clock out, and Lucas was mean again and pretended to be a impatient customer and was all like, "Aren't you going to take my order?" and I was kind of ticked off, so I said, "No."


"Because I don't like you."

Oh my goodness, Kira! You just sassed off your manager! I couldn't believe that had popped out of my mouth. Yes, I know I'm a sarcastic person, but usually I don't mouth off to people I barely know. But apparently I was really comfortable at work, because I just mouthed off to my manager. Jeez. I need to shut my face sometimes. Luckily, he thought it was funny. Usually when people get to know me, they find it really funny that I talk back a lot, because they assume that just because I'm quiet, it means I'm shy. But I'm just quiet because there's no one for me to talk to! So he found it hilarious, and when I left, he said a (sarcastic) scathing goodbye. I think I'm going to like this place. They all treat me like a little puppy or something because I'm new and young and they're all in college, but I think they like me, and they amuse me. 


Big News!

I know I haven't posted something in forever, but I've been super super busy with life stuff. You know. So this is just a quick post to say, I haven't died, and I also have a big surprise! My cousin Mikayla and I decided to make a joint Youtube account, and we're posting videos every week (theoretically). Here's the link if you want to check it out. It's called PartyEverydayInside because... well, watch the first video and you'll learn why.