I did it, guys! I made it through an entire shift of making ice cream at work without licking my fingers once! And it was super hard, let me tell you that. Now my arms are completely covered with spattered ice cream. Yum... haha.. jk. It was really easy at first, because things were slow and my trainer was really sweet (her name was Abby). I was apparently supposed to watch this tutorial thing from "Butterburger University" (oooo... exciting) about how to make stuff, but nobody thought to show it to me, and I didn't ask, so she taught me everything. And then my boss Debbie remembered that I had to watch the video, and it was TORTUOUS!!! ugh. To add to the loveliness, it was not just like 10 minutes of boredom. It was more like 45 minutes of torture. By the time I emerged from Butterburger University, things were already picking up and I was flung into the midst of it. Luckily, I was sort of kind of not really prepared, so I just started, and hoped upon hope that nothing bad would happen. Of course, things picked up at like 7:30 (really? who eats dinner at 7:30?) and everyone wanted shakes cuz it was hot out, and so I started freaking out and spazzing, and I made the wrong order. But, luckily when my brain goes into panic mode, a small part stays sane, and is also very commanding, because that little part started shouting "HEY! KIRA! GET IT TOGETHER! FOCUS!" Then things went a lot better because I stopped looking at all the orders and just concentrated on one at a time. So it actually turned out to be kind of fun. I'm sure you all know this by now, but I deal so much better with chaos and stress than boredom.


I Hate Buses

I know that my first blog (ever!) kind of discussed this, but today was just so annoying that I need to vent about it.

I had to go on the bus today because I didn't have anything going on after school, which I wasn't too thrilled about 'cuz I have to be on that stupid bus for 40 minutes to get to my house which is 4 minutes away. But I'm like, whatever, I'll just sleep on the bus. Oh, Kira. How wrong you were..... Things were pretty good until we got to the middle school, the sky erupted and dumped little imp children into our bus. I hear:

"Oh, look there's a sleeping girl in that seat! Shoot!"

"Who is she? I don't know!" (I've only been on this bus for 3 months now, people. Shock factor.)

I could feel them all looking at me, and then the extremely annoying girl behind me decided to stick her head out from behind her seat and poke me. "ARE YOU SLEEPING???" she yelled. I do not exaggerate. This girl practically yelled every time she opened her pothole. Which was quite often. The rest of the implings stuck their heads and stared me down. I felt like a goldfish in a bowl. Ten minutes later, the two guys who were in the seats across from me, who were in 6th and 7th grade, I think, were discussing how one of them were going to break up with their "girlfriend" (seriously, dude? girlfriend? you barely know how to count to ten yet.) The 6th grader looked straight at me, pointed and said, "You could go out with that girl." I just kept pretending to be asleep. Then the thunder cracked, so I couldn't pretend to sleep, otherwise I would have to pretend to be deaf too. And I almost was, having to listen to the girl behind me. Who also felt it necessary to pound on my seat. So things go on fairly decently after that, except about 20 minutes later, when that same girl stuck her head back out. "HI!" she yelled, "HOW ARE YOU???"
"Okay." I replied. "YOU HAVE BIG EYES! I LIKE BIG EYES!" she screeched. The guy across from me apologized, saying "Sorry, she's really weird." Yeah, I've figured that out by this point. "HE HAS BIG EYES TOO! (referring to the guy across from me, who was, again, in 7th grade) YOU GUYS SHOULD GO OUT!!" At this point, I'm like, this girl is so stupid, and that statement was so totally idiotic that I'm not even going to grace it with an answer. She took that as "YOU'RE NOT DISAGREEING! YOU WANT TO GO OUT WITH HIM!!!" I just gave her a look. "Excuse me? I'm a sophomore."


"No. A sophomore."

"OH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE A FRESHMAN!!! (why does everyone think that?)"

By this point the big-eyed boy is dying with embarrassment, and luckily I'm at my bus stop. Yeah. It was a weird bus ride. That's why I need drivers-ed.