Snow day... Yay?

Today I woke up a little earlier than usual, and you know how sometimes you wake up and you don't ever want to move again, and sometimes you wake up and you're like, "Hello world! How are you this morning??" Well, yesterday was a "never want to move again" day and today was a "I love everyone day and I can't wait to go to school!" day. However, my mom came in the room and told me that today was a snow day. I was actually really surprised, because it didn't really snow all that much last night. I mean, it obviously snowed a lot, but our school district is really strict about snow days. Like, I'll be trudging to the bus stop with snow up to my knees because the superintendent didn't call snow off, and today there was barely two inches on the ground. And then my mom was like, "Well, its supposed to snow a lot today." No it didn't! It rained the whole morning and then started snowing around two! So it was kind of a pointless snow day. And the internet was down too, so I just practiced the songs for the musical, and danced around the house, and watched the new Muppet Movie. And Tangled (which is like my favorite movie ever of all time). And Princess Diaries Two 'cuz I was kind of bored, and I'm like, whatever. Lets stare at Chris Pine for two hours. Sounds like a constructive use of my time.


Merry Christmas!!!

Here's my next month of weekends: This weekend- Sat=volunteering at a home for older men with mental handicaps, Sun=going to the Christmas Carol in the morning, church @ night. Next weekend- Sat=going to the Art Museum with Maya to gaze at artwork from the French Revolution (don't worry, its for extra credit in AP Euro. I'm not that much of a nerd that I would go there for fun.. like.. Maya... umm... nvm. Edit that part out :D) And then the next weekend is CHRISTMAS, and then nest Saturday I have an all day show choir practice to get ready for Competition. Yeah, my life is crazy. But strangely, well, I willingly volunteered for this, and more strangely, I actually enjoy this kind of craziness. Have you ever heard me say I thrive on chaos? Well, it's true. Welcome to my Christmas Season of No Sleep!!! (and no dreaming of sugarplums.. sadness.)


Guess What?

On Friday I got to get out of school early, which I was pretty thrilled about. I missed a chem test, which might not sound too great at first, but in my book missing a test over a weekend means more time for studying!!! Which I definitely need. Even though it might get a little tricky with making up the test, since I now have musical practice after school.

This brings me to my next topic... MUSICAL!!!! It's the most... wonderful tiiiiiiimmmmeee of the year!!!! I love musical season. Its chaotic and hectic and stressful and... wonderful!! And this year I actually got a really really really small (like small enough that when you look at Wikipedia she doesn't even show up on the cast list) speaking role. Actually, I don't even know if it is a speaking role. I just know that I have a name this year: Ronni (as in Veronica) Driscoll. It's kind of ironic because there's a girl in my choir named Ronnie that tried out for the musical too, and she got a nameless chorus role. So even though my part is miniscule, at least I have a name. Last year people would ask me who I was playing in Beauty and the Beast, and I told them Townsperson #4. Having a name definitely boosts my self-esteem. :D

And finally, the ALEX GOOT CONCERT last night. Like I said before, I got out of school on Friday to get home early, so my aunt and uncle could come and pick us up to go to Chicago. Then we rode up to Waukesha to pick up to Mikayla and Juliana. I pretty much talked non-stop for the entire car ride. Which was about 2 hours long. Yaay. We stopped at the highway oasis-reststop thingy, I got a peppermint mocha from McDonalds, burned my tongue a couple of times, spazzed out in front of the huge windows overlooking the highway, and then got back in the car. I couldn't drink my coffee, 'cuz it was HOT, and so I was kind of sleepy. So I took a little nap on Mikayla's shoulder. Poor her. This is pretty much how it probably sounded to everyone else in the car:

Me: So bla bla bla musical bla bla bla men lions eagles and partridges bla bla bla bla bla alex goot bla bla bla bla bla bla

Mikayla: Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.

Me: Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla..... *snore*

I do not exaggerate. Ask Mikayla.

Then I woke up, drank the rest of my coffee, got ahold of Mikayla's camera, videotaped a little vloggie thingy, which I'm thinking about uploading to Youtube, and then waited and waited and freaked out because we were gonna be late.

We got there and heard the opening act that I had never ever seen before, got our eardrums blasted out, and Mikayla, Juliana and I spotted LUKE CONARD and INGRID. In person!!! Selling merch!!! Juliana and I went over, since Juliana really wanted a picture with Ingrid, and so Luke Conard and Ingrid actually smiled at me! And the picture turned out pretty good. Well, at least Luke and Ingrid looked really good. Juliana just kind of looked possessed because of the flash. But whatever. And then we stood there for two hours and watched Chad Sugg *<3sigh<3* and were in Luke Conard's vlog, and listened to Julia Sheer and Cory (I don't know what his last name is...). I had no idea that Cory could sing, but apparently he can. And he's really really really good. But finally (it seemed like it took forever!! Probably cuz we were standing the entire time and it was getting super hot in there) Alex Goot got up there. HE WAS AMAZIIIIIIIINNNNG!!! The first song he sang was "Lightning," and at the end I was like, where's the repeat button?? I wanna hear it again!!! But the main song I wanted him to sing was his cover of "Call Me Maybe." Because I love it sooo much!! And he sang it!!! I was so happy. My life was fulfilled when he "hearted" the audience. Oh, yeah, and Cory saw me through a window in the green room and I waved at him and he waved back.... and my uncle saw Alex Goot when he was leaving the bathroom!! Haha.. total fangirl moment...And then we left in sadness, because I couldn't get a toasty t-shirt. But I was still having a very big party inside... Cory waved at me!! And I was like twelve feet from Chad Sugg!!! *sigh*

And then we had to embark on our quest home. I pretty much fell asleep on Mikayla's shoulder the entire time, and she let me. She's such a nice person. We made another stop at the oasis, and I got Subway, which = numminess, and then I slept the entire way home. Oh, yeah, and I recorded Mikayla rambling on the camera too... Exciting, right?

And this concludes my total Goot-fangirl blog-entry-thing. EL FINE!!!