That Chick

Soo... I got 20 pageviews yesterday... WHAT WHAT??? :D:D:D:D #partyeverydayoutside

Haha... Yeah. That's the extent of my good news. The world is still telling me to go to datelifesite.com and that LOVE AWAITS! Use this coupon only good through March 12th! Call me controversial, but getting told I need a boyfriend over and over kind of just makes me more annoyed with the male species. Like, for instance, there's this guy that I maybe might have had a crush on last semester. Like a baby crush. But I think the crush is dying. I was thrilled last semester when I learned, hey, we have History together next semester! Well, apparently Chemistry is the only semester when we had chemistry, because now he spends the entire class flirting with a girl named "Ashley" (yes, I'm changing the name... I go to public school! With friends who (supposedly) read this blog! Obviously, I need to change the name) who all the guys seem to love for some reason. Probably because she's into basketball... and soccer... and football... and everything I hate. So yeah. Did I mention "Ashley" has a boyfriend? A jock upperclassmen boyfriend? So why even waste your time with her? However, this boy still tries to maintain good relations with me. Meaning once in a while, he'll come over and punch me or hit me with a bag of sunflower seeds and expect me to act like he hasn't been ignoring me for the last week. Yeah. Now I just sweetly smile at him, give him a civil, "Hi there!" and return to my homework. Who cares if the whole class thinks I'm a nerd. They're all just stupid jocks anyways. And ditzes. Like, you think I'm a dumb blonde? Just walk into this classroom and instantly you'll probably bow down to me because of my intellectual splendor and genius. In comparison... put me anywhere else... and, well, I'm the chick who's three feet away from her parents and is freaking out because she's about to perform (I use this term loosely, because of what actually happened Saturday. See my blog titled "Make a Fool of Kira Day"), calls them on her teachers phone, and realizes... hey, my parents are three feet away. ... Remind me why I post this stuff on the internet again??? Well, nobody can ever say my communication skills are lacking...


Make a Fool of Kira Day

(do you remember that, Maya? :D good times...) Well, Kira made a total dork out of herself today... yeah. I sang a solo in front of... yeah, a lot of people. And I didn't do so hot. I was kind of figuring that the only people I would be singing in front of would be my parents, the judge, Sam (my accompanist), and that was it. Nope. It was my parents, Sam, the judge, Sam's parents, my friends Mandy and Nicole, and this girl named Brittany. And her accompanist. And her parents. Yup. All watching me sing a solo, when I barely warmed up, and my voice broke twice, and it was just... horrible. Ugh. I was just so stressed out, and wound up, it wasn't even me singing up there. Everyone who was watching was like, oh, its Kira, she never gets nervous (at least, I hope they were thinking that. Maybe they were just waiting in anticipation for me to fail? :s :D). Yeah, I do get nervous. Oh, wells. As they say, whateves. There's always next year. Its just... I wish I didn't totally make an idiot of myself in front of so many people... grrs. Why do I always do this to myself??? :P O_o


Laughing Until You Cry

I'm sure all of you are familiar with my little cousin Nicholas and the hilarious things he says (usually a comment about me that is very insulting, but he has no idea what he's saying, so I find it extremely funny. Lucky for him, I have a good sense of humor. :D) Yeah, he pulled another one today.

Today we were all eating dinner at the table, and he kept looking at me funny, for a really long time. At first I thought he was looking at my pizza, but he kept this up for about three minutes. "Can I help you?" I asked. (Okay, here's where I have to say something: I'm writing what Nicholas said as I heard it, not as he actually said it. It'll make sense in a sec."

He kept looking funny at me.

"Hello? Can I help you?" I inquired.

"I'm looking at your boob."

"EXCUSE ME?!?!?!??!"

"I'm looking at your Boo."

(Just an fyi, i was wearing a mario t-shirt at the time)

So yeah. I laughed until I cried. I love my cousin.