Ode to My One True Love

Ode to My One True Love
By Kira Lange
You bring warmth into my heart on even the most cold and unforgiving nights
Breathing the summer’s sun on my face and making all feel right in the world
The heat radiating off of you is enough to make me faint
When you come in, you warm the room instantly, instead of making me suffer needlessly
Your love for me warms me to my core, and I can feel your adoration emanating from you
Although many others may try to gain my affections, only you, my dearest space heater, will hold the key (and the one touch button) to my heart forever


Pageview from France? What?

Okay, so I was looking at my views/map thingy, and apparently I have one view from France and one view from Germany. Hm. Strange.

Anyways, here was my day:

6:20- get up, get ready while still being asleep

6:52- run out the door

7:01-get to school, still asleep! Debate whether or not to get coffee, decide not to because I have a chronic fear of not knowing how to order food without looking like an idiot (which is why I have never ever been to Starbucks)

7:20-start WKCE testing. Ugh.

10:13- FINALLY done with testing. Have a slight headache.

10:20- my normal day starts. Usually my schedule goes first period, study hall, second period, third period, lunch, choir, and fourth period. Today it went fourth period, second period (both taken up by WKCE testing), study hall, third period, lunch, choir, first period.

11:02- Geometry quiz. Its pretty easy. Geometry is super easy, and the test questions were a little hard, but we got to work with partners, so it was okay.

11:44-Lunchtime!! Yayyyy!!! I was supposed to try out for a show choir solo during lunch, but nobody was in the choir room, and I have another chronic fear of being the first one in a classroom alone with the teacher. It's just so awkward! So no tryouts for me. Lunch was actually pretty fun. We spent it talking about what our first impressions were when we met each other, and then reminiscing about the crazy conversations we've had.

12:14- Choir is nuts. Mrs. Mascitti is really hyper, but unfortunately by this time my slight headache has grown into a major one. And we have to sing a song with insanely high notes (I'm a soprano). Eventually I give up for the sake of my aching head and sing an octave lower. Much better.

1:02- First period last hour of the day=absolutely no work is done. Tyler, Hannah, Jamie, Ian and I sit and do nothing in the lab. Well, Ian was getting some work done. He was just singing and dancing around while doing it and driving me nuts. Hannah was making jokes about me the entire time and I was alternating between blushing furiously and cracking up. Or doing both at the same time. Yeah, I have weird friends. i <3 u hailey!!!

2:25- My eyeballs are about to pop out of my head from the headache I have. Walking is torture because when I step with my left leg, it hurts because of my stupid muscle that I pulled yesterday from.... sleeping? When I step on my right leg, it jars my head and my headache gets worse. And I don't even get to go home because Madison has VEX (a kind of pre-robotics club) and my mom can't take me home until 4:15!!! *sob * I break down and get myself a chocolate muffin and some cherry Coke. Once the caffeine kicks in, the headache is mostly gone. I sit in the hallway, eat muffin, get crumbs and chocolate all over myself, drink soda, read 3 manga books, and basically nerd out and wallow in self pity. It was fun. :D

4:15- I STILL don't get to go home until later because Madison has a piano lesson, and my mom has to take the laundry to the laundromat, so sadness. However, the mother has aspirin in her purse, and the laundromat is nice and quiet with lots of magazines to read and stuff, no people were really in there, and it smells good because of the detergent, so all is well with Kira. Except one thing: I wanted Doritos from the vending machine, and they got stuck!! So I put more money in, and the first Dorito bag fell to the bottom, but then the second one got stuck too!! And no amount of pounding and shaking of the machine would convince it to come down!!! And then I tried to get Oreos, and those got stuck too!! But there was now way I was going to let the machine cheat me out of my Oreos, and so I wrestled the vending machine until the Oreos fell. My dinner pretty much consisted of junk food, a granola bar, and an apple. Yum.

And so that's what led me to writing this blog today. You're welcome. :D