Snow day... Yay?

Today I woke up a little earlier than usual, and you know how sometimes you wake up and you don't ever want to move again, and sometimes you wake up and you're like, "Hello world! How are you this morning??" Well, yesterday was a "never want to move again" day and today was a "I love everyone day and I can't wait to go to school!" day. However, my mom came in the room and told me that today was a snow day. I was actually really surprised, because it didn't really snow all that much last night. I mean, it obviously snowed a lot, but our school district is really strict about snow days. Like, I'll be trudging to the bus stop with snow up to my knees because the superintendent didn't call snow off, and today there was barely two inches on the ground. And then my mom was like, "Well, its supposed to snow a lot today." No it didn't! It rained the whole morning and then started snowing around two! So it was kind of a pointless snow day. And the internet was down too, so I just practiced the songs for the musical, and danced around the house, and watched the new Muppet Movie. And Tangled (which is like my favorite movie ever of all time). And Princess Diaries Two 'cuz I was kind of bored, and I'm like, whatever. Lets stare at Chris Pine for two hours. Sounds like a constructive use of my time.


Merry Christmas!!!

Here's my next month of weekends: This weekend- Sat=volunteering at a home for older men with mental handicaps, Sun=going to the Christmas Carol in the morning, church @ night. Next weekend- Sat=going to the Art Museum with Maya to gaze at artwork from the French Revolution (don't worry, its for extra credit in AP Euro. I'm not that much of a nerd that I would go there for fun.. like.. Maya... umm... nvm. Edit that part out :D) And then the next weekend is CHRISTMAS, and then nest Saturday I have an all day show choir practice to get ready for Competition. Yeah, my life is crazy. But strangely, well, I willingly volunteered for this, and more strangely, I actually enjoy this kind of craziness. Have you ever heard me say I thrive on chaos? Well, it's true. Welcome to my Christmas Season of No Sleep!!! (and no dreaming of sugarplums.. sadness.)


Guess What?

On Friday I got to get out of school early, which I was pretty thrilled about. I missed a chem test, which might not sound too great at first, but in my book missing a test over a weekend means more time for studying!!! Which I definitely need. Even though it might get a little tricky with making up the test, since I now have musical practice after school.

This brings me to my next topic... MUSICAL!!!! It's the most... wonderful tiiiiiiimmmmeee of the year!!!! I love musical season. Its chaotic and hectic and stressful and... wonderful!! And this year I actually got a really really really small (like small enough that when you look at Wikipedia she doesn't even show up on the cast list) speaking role. Actually, I don't even know if it is a speaking role. I just know that I have a name this year: Ronni (as in Veronica) Driscoll. It's kind of ironic because there's a girl in my choir named Ronnie that tried out for the musical too, and she got a nameless chorus role. So even though my part is miniscule, at least I have a name. Last year people would ask me who I was playing in Beauty and the Beast, and I told them Townsperson #4. Having a name definitely boosts my self-esteem. :D

And finally, the ALEX GOOT CONCERT last night. Like I said before, I got out of school on Friday to get home early, so my aunt and uncle could come and pick us up to go to Chicago. Then we rode up to Waukesha to pick up to Mikayla and Juliana. I pretty much talked non-stop for the entire car ride. Which was about 2 hours long. Yaay. We stopped at the highway oasis-reststop thingy, I got a peppermint mocha from McDonalds, burned my tongue a couple of times, spazzed out in front of the huge windows overlooking the highway, and then got back in the car. I couldn't drink my coffee, 'cuz it was HOT, and so I was kind of sleepy. So I took a little nap on Mikayla's shoulder. Poor her. This is pretty much how it probably sounded to everyone else in the car:

Me: So bla bla bla musical bla bla bla men lions eagles and partridges bla bla bla bla bla alex goot bla bla bla bla bla bla

Mikayla: Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.

Me: Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla..... *snore*

I do not exaggerate. Ask Mikayla.

Then I woke up, drank the rest of my coffee, got ahold of Mikayla's camera, videotaped a little vloggie thingy, which I'm thinking about uploading to Youtube, and then waited and waited and freaked out because we were gonna be late.

We got there and heard the opening act that I had never ever seen before, got our eardrums blasted out, and Mikayla, Juliana and I spotted LUKE CONARD and INGRID. In person!!! Selling merch!!! Juliana and I went over, since Juliana really wanted a picture with Ingrid, and so Luke Conard and Ingrid actually smiled at me! And the picture turned out pretty good. Well, at least Luke and Ingrid looked really good. Juliana just kind of looked possessed because of the flash. But whatever. And then we stood there for two hours and watched Chad Sugg *<3sigh<3* and were in Luke Conard's vlog, and listened to Julia Sheer and Cory (I don't know what his last name is...). I had no idea that Cory could sing, but apparently he can. And he's really really really good. But finally (it seemed like it took forever!! Probably cuz we were standing the entire time and it was getting super hot in there) Alex Goot got up there. HE WAS AMAZIIIIIIIINNNNG!!! The first song he sang was "Lightning," and at the end I was like, where's the repeat button?? I wanna hear it again!!! But the main song I wanted him to sing was his cover of "Call Me Maybe." Because I love it sooo much!! And he sang it!!! I was so happy. My life was fulfilled when he "hearted" the audience. Oh, yeah, and Cory saw me through a window in the green room and I waved at him and he waved back.... and my uncle saw Alex Goot when he was leaving the bathroom!! Haha.. total fangirl moment...And then we left in sadness, because I couldn't get a toasty t-shirt. But I was still having a very big party inside... Cory waved at me!! And I was like twelve feet from Chad Sugg!!! *sigh*

And then we had to embark on our quest home. I pretty much fell asleep on Mikayla's shoulder the entire time, and she let me. She's such a nice person. We made another stop at the oasis, and I got Subway, which = numminess, and then I slept the entire way home. Oh, yeah, and I recorded Mikayla rambling on the camera too... Exciting, right?

And this concludes my total Goot-fangirl blog-entry-thing. EL FINE!!!


Ode to My One True Love

Ode to My One True Love
By Kira Lange
You bring warmth into my heart on even the most cold and unforgiving nights
Breathing the summer’s sun on my face and making all feel right in the world
The heat radiating off of you is enough to make me faint
When you come in, you warm the room instantly, instead of making me suffer needlessly
Your love for me warms me to my core, and I can feel your adoration emanating from you
Although many others may try to gain my affections, only you, my dearest space heater, will hold the key (and the one touch button) to my heart forever


Pageview from France? What?

Okay, so I was looking at my views/map thingy, and apparently I have one view from France and one view from Germany. Hm. Strange.

Anyways, here was my day:

6:20- get up, get ready while still being asleep

6:52- run out the door

7:01-get to school, still asleep! Debate whether or not to get coffee, decide not to because I have a chronic fear of not knowing how to order food without looking like an idiot (which is why I have never ever been to Starbucks)

7:20-start WKCE testing. Ugh.

10:13- FINALLY done with testing. Have a slight headache.

10:20- my normal day starts. Usually my schedule goes first period, study hall, second period, third period, lunch, choir, and fourth period. Today it went fourth period, second period (both taken up by WKCE testing), study hall, third period, lunch, choir, first period.

11:02- Geometry quiz. Its pretty easy. Geometry is super easy, and the test questions were a little hard, but we got to work with partners, so it was okay.

11:44-Lunchtime!! Yayyyy!!! I was supposed to try out for a show choir solo during lunch, but nobody was in the choir room, and I have another chronic fear of being the first one in a classroom alone with the teacher. It's just so awkward! So no tryouts for me. Lunch was actually pretty fun. We spent it talking about what our first impressions were when we met each other, and then reminiscing about the crazy conversations we've had.

12:14- Choir is nuts. Mrs. Mascitti is really hyper, but unfortunately by this time my slight headache has grown into a major one. And we have to sing a song with insanely high notes (I'm a soprano). Eventually I give up for the sake of my aching head and sing an octave lower. Much better.

1:02- First period last hour of the day=absolutely no work is done. Tyler, Hannah, Jamie, Ian and I sit and do nothing in the lab. Well, Ian was getting some work done. He was just singing and dancing around while doing it and driving me nuts. Hannah was making jokes about me the entire time and I was alternating between blushing furiously and cracking up. Or doing both at the same time. Yeah, I have weird friends. i <3 u hailey!!!

2:25- My eyeballs are about to pop out of my head from the headache I have. Walking is torture because when I step with my left leg, it hurts because of my stupid muscle that I pulled yesterday from.... sleeping? When I step on my right leg, it jars my head and my headache gets worse. And I don't even get to go home because Madison has VEX (a kind of pre-robotics club) and my mom can't take me home until 4:15!!! *sob * I break down and get myself a chocolate muffin and some cherry Coke. Once the caffeine kicks in, the headache is mostly gone. I sit in the hallway, eat muffin, get crumbs and chocolate all over myself, drink soda, read 3 manga books, and basically nerd out and wallow in self pity. It was fun. :D

4:15- I STILL don't get to go home until later because Madison has a piano lesson, and my mom has to take the laundry to the laundromat, so sadness. However, the mother has aspirin in her purse, and the laundromat is nice and quiet with lots of magazines to read and stuff, no people were really in there, and it smells good because of the detergent, so all is well with Kira. Except one thing: I wanted Doritos from the vending machine, and they got stuck!! So I put more money in, and the first Dorito bag fell to the bottom, but then the second one got stuck too!! And no amount of pounding and shaking of the machine would convince it to come down!!! And then I tried to get Oreos, and those got stuck too!! But there was now way I was going to let the machine cheat me out of my Oreos, and so I wrestled the vending machine until the Oreos fell. My dinner pretty much consisted of junk food, a granola bar, and an apple. Yum.

And so that's what led me to writing this blog today. You're welcome. :D


What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday I... went to college at UWW. YAAAAAYYYY!

Which actually wasn't all that eventful. I went with my lovely talented cousin Mikayla, and I hung out in the library while she went to class, and then we basically walked back and forth between Commons and the cafeteria for three hours with huge honking backpacks on our backs while we were waiting for her next class. And then I went to her last class with her, which was a speaker (not her teacher) talking about internships and getting an interview and stuff. It was mildly interesting, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if she had talked more about how to get a job as a teacher, and not as a nurse, but as I was in a Health Career Exploration class, or whatever it was called, talking about nursing jobs was probably more applicable to everyone else. 

And then we went home and made a commercial!! And posted it on Youtube!!! Which is, like, the first time I have ever ever done that!! So it took us forever!!! But we did it, and here it is:


And yes, I realize it needs music and a better voice, but a) we spent probably an hour and a half trying to figure out how to put music on there without messing up all the other sounds and failed, and b) Mikayla and I were by ourselves when we were doing this, with no male people who had relatively epic-ish voices, so we made do with what we had.

Then I went to a youth rally, which was supposed to go until 2ish in the morning, and I was feeling like my gut was about to explode, so my brother and I ended up leaving around 9:30. Which makes me feel kind of lame, but I was feeling really sick, and all these people were expecting me to be super energetic, and I just couldn't handle it. So I came home and watched the commercial again for the sixth time and TOBUSCUS Minecraft videos until 11 and then passed out. But before I left, our youth leaders Megan and Andrew were introducing us (meaning me and some other people from our church) to these guys they knew. One of them, when he learned my name, told me "Oh, wow! That's a really pretty name!" So that was nice. It may not seem like a very huge compliment, but it was nice. When people give me compliments that are unique (NOT "oh, kira! your hair is so gorgeous and i want it!" i get that kind of compliment a lot, and it's nice and i appreciate it, but my hair has nothing to do with who i am as a person, whereas i think my name is something that describes me and my personality extremely well), I totally eat it up. I am the first one to say, if you want something from me, flattery will get you pretty far. My dad wanted me to get contacts, and he told me "Kira, you have such pretty eyes, and your glasses hide them!" And I was like, "Really?!?! I have pretty eyes?!??" And so therefore there are contacts. Just an FYI.

Today I slept in until 10:30 (which is unheard of for me. Usually I wake up around 8:30ish), then ate scrambled eggs and rice and a bagel and a pancake (just one) and lemonade (well, I drank the lemonade) and then went online, checked my email, watched more TOBUSCUS Minecraft videos, read my mom's wedding album, took a shower at 1:30 pm, and now I'm waiting for my hair to dry. Exciting, right?



I have a follower. Woo hoo!!

Otherwise, not much going on.

I'm sick. And exhausted. And surrounded by empty cough drop wrappers. And exhausted. And exhausted and exhausted.


My life is mundane.

Okay, I take it back. It's not mundane (i love that word!). I just went to a 4H meeting on Friday (don't judge me... and no, i'm not explaining what 4H is to y'all. google it.) And next Sunday I'm going on a corn maze/hayride/sneezefest thing with (hopefully) a bunch of my friends, so that should be fun.

Oh, yes. I do have one bright light in my life... ALEX GOOT!!! ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! I mean, IN CONCERT!! AND I'M GOING TO SEE HIM!!! (i don't actually have this much energy right now. but eventually i will. and then it will be ALEX GOOT!!! IN CONCERT!!!)

I'm soooooooo excited to go see him in concert! In real life!!! With Chad Sugg!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! (for all you non-gootigans out there, look him up too. i'm serious. i don't care about the 4H thing, just look alex goot up! he will change. your. life. i promise.)

One more thing I did this weekend besides sneeze and sleep. I read. A ton. Five 300-ish page books total, I think. But "the one" that is most mentionable is a book called "The Book Thief." It was beautiful. I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. It was goot (didja catch that mikayla? :D).

Okay. I'll shut up. Time for some Bill Cosby and crocheting.


The Death of Ferdinand the Plantie

Background: The planties are from a Biology experiment from 9th grade having to do with getting little plants and subjecting them to various types of torture. Fedie was in my group, and his plant was named Charles Ferdinand II (aka Ferdie). My plant was appropriately named Cleopatra (the actual Cleopatra has a very famous death, for those non-history buffs out there), who was watered with salt water during the experiment. At the end of the project, miraculously, all three were alive. Even Cleopatra, though she was just about dead. Cleo died a long time ago, but Ferdie just recently passed away. I thought it was fair to let Fedie know what was going on.





From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

fedie, this is a very sad subject... but i feel that you deserve to know... ferdie whatever whatever his name was... has finally died. we tried to keep him alive for as long as we could, but he just didn't want to live. i'm so sorry... :(( crying:D big grin


From: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>


I need my space...:(( crying

XD  well it lasted a while

From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

he had a good life... but he was probably pining away for cleopatra. she died a long time ago, and ever since he was separated from her, it's just been going downhill.


From: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>

that loser.


From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

haha... i tried to tell him to find another plantie and move on, but he wouldn't listen to me.


From: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>

wimp.  i'm disowning him if that's the case.


From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

well, he's dead. i don't think that disowning him will make much difference to him anymore...


  From: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>

too bad.  it reflects bad on me if i let that kind of behavior slide.


  From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

shame on you. it's all your fault he died (*sobs*)


 From: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

To: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>

how?!  he's the one who went into depression after Cleopatra died.  And you didn't inform me of this at all.  so how was i supposed to know?!! if you had told me i might have been able to smack some sense into him.  I'm now blaming you.

From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>

okay, who was the one who tried to nurse him back to health? me. and who was the one who abandoned him as a young child? you. i rest my case. obviously, his issues with relationships must have had roots in his traumatic experience as a child.

From: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>

i didn't abandon him.  i nurtured him and let him grow.  When it was time for him to go out into the world, i let him go.  YOU were supposed to keep me informed if anything happened.


  From: Kira Lange <apricisunum94@yahoo.com>
To: Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>


I did!!! I told you he died. You never asked about him, so i figured you didn't care.


So we're learning about Deductive Reasoning in Geometry right now. Example:

A figure has four sides if and only if it is a quadrilateral. If a figure has four sides, then the sum of its interior angles is 360o. Figure A is a quadrilateral. What can you conclude?

So I decided to make up my own:

A student will explode if and only if they are in a boring class for a long time. Geometry is a boring class. Kira has been in Geometry for a very long time. What can you conclude?


Freshies, Sleep Deprivation, and the Latin Word for Lead

Hello All of You Without Lives (just like me :)),

Some may think my title is slightly derogatory. It's not, I promise. It's just a fact of life. If you are reading this blog, you have absolutely nothing to do on a Friday night, and you life is a little sad. Just like mine. Sorry to put your life in the same category as mine.

I decided to write this blog because of three reasons.

 1. I am bored right now, and I have no life. And I am way to tired to go out and get a life. 
 2. My friends are tired of me spamming them constantly on emails.
 3. This way I can spout off my deepest darkest desires, without anyone wanting me to explode. (ahem)

If you're still reading by this point, I'm very proud of you. *applauds wildly*

Anyways, this week was the first week of school, and extremely hectic. I lost (wait for it).... 12-18 ish hours of sleep that I desperately need, I started AP Euro, and I turned 15, all at the same time. Oh my goodness. When will the craziness end? I am on a bus with all freshies, and I'm sad to say that I finally get why everyone hates them. THEY KNOW NOTHING!!! Schedule-wise, they're actually pretty good, but, well, I'll just update you on some of the highlights of my music-less, 45 minute bus ride.

"There are all these sophomores in my classes!!! It's like they failed a class or something!!! (this was referring to a Spanish class... Sophomores sometimes don't take Spanish I until sophomore year because they don't have time/room in their schedules/the desire to. I think it is pretty much impossible to fail a class like Spanish I.)

"My classes all have nerds in them!! It's like, ew!! Where did all these people come from?" (yeah, nerd isn't really an insult to us anymore. Find another word to put us down. Thank you and have a good day.)

"You're lucky. You have fun in your class. In our classes we actually have to LEARN! (no duh. You're in high school now. Hellooo??)

And that was seriously all I heard my whole way home on my first day of school. Italics, exclamation points(!!!), and ALL-CAPS included.

The Latin word for lead? Plumbum. I'm not kidding. Maya and I discovered it in Chemistry (our last hour of the day). It amused us to no end.