Ramblings of Kira on New Year's

Hey, it's me: the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructable Kira (no duh, honey. they thought it was benjamin franklin.) It's New Years Eve, exactly 11 minutes until the old year is done... forever (wow, kira. we all bow down to your genius and splendor) This is usually the time of night when I start rambling a lot... more than usual. And today, I was thinking about how this year has been... deep thinking for Kirababy (no, i didn't make that up. my dad used to call me that... :/) 

I think I've learned a lot this year.... for once. I've learned that if you love someone enough, you'll find a way to make them happy... even if you look really stupid and make a complete idiot of yourself in the process. Sometimes you'll have to make a dork out of yourself supporting your nerd friends in things that are TOTALLY uncool.... (because obviously i'm the coolest girl on planet earth) but its okay. Because if you really care about them, the stupid things that you imagine everyone thinking about you... they don't matter. 'Cuz you made your geeky friend happy by letting him show you how to design robots (i say "show you" loosely... i still don't know the first thing about it... he showed me, i never said i retained the information.) 

I've also learned that if you find a friend who will stick by you through insane (slightly disturbing) crushes on boys who totally won't give a second glance to you and parent divorces and new baby sisters and trips to Russia and Russian boyfriends and their brothers that give her great emotional conflict... she's a keeper. And even though you don't get to see her as much as you'd like to... she will forever and always be your first true and forever best friend. And every time you see her, it's like no time passed at all... I love you, Maya Papaya, and I"m so glad you stumbled your way into my life. 

I've learned that you can't make quick judgements about people... I tend to do that a lot... I mean, its hard not to. I used to think that I was alone with my totally messed up family and crazy situations that seem to run into me. But its not true... people are more alike than you like. I used to think that there was absolutely no way a girl like me, a nerdy Whovian and theater fanatic, would have anything in common with someone like a senior guy on the wrestling team. I mean, how diverse can a school like Hamilton be? There's no way that senior guy would understand what its like to worry about his parents violent fights... that he would have to hear his mom tell him that she doesn't know how she can afford to get groceries. But turns out, that senior guy and I had more in common than I thought. Yeah. I've started to learn that I can't make assumptions that everyone else's lives are easy breezy Covergirl-ish. And it's also made me realize that I want to be able to help make lives better... to listen to them and heal relationships that don't have to be over.  

I've made three strong, amazing friends this year. Sure, two out of three of them are annoying, and idiotic, and completely infuriating, but I love them so much, and I wouldn't have them any other way (even though it would really be nice if they stopped talking about that stupid sparkle party. c'mon, guys, it's getting old). I love being your mom/grandma/little sister/whatever I am. Its weird to have friends that I can talk about David Tennant and his excessive sexiness one moment and then black holes and custard and death and the power of emotions and parents and crushes and Kira Confession Night. 

This year meant a lot of ups and downs for me. I think I've come closer to figuring how to balance being strong and letting your emotions color the world. I've rekindled my passion for mac 'n cheese, and I met the love of my life, Steven Giovannni, who is at this moment, sitting next to me without his pillowcase on. Stevie, you naughty naughty boy. I've had crushes this year, mostly on fictional and/or animated men, but y'no, they're crushes nonetheless. I've cried a lot this year, I've laughed a lot, I've sang off key and biked in the pouring rain and fell in swimming pools fully dressed. Yeah.... this is getting really weird. I think I should probably get back to my Disney tv shows that are probably too young for me but I refuse to give up because I'm still 5 years old inside. Peace off, boop. 


Laughed Out of Paris

Do you ever feel like... oh, I don't know. Like you're about to crush on someone and you know you shouldn't, but you almost feel like you can't help it? It's just... augh. It's hard to explain. I haven't had a crush on someone for such a long time, and it's weird.

At the beginning of last summer, my faith in the male population seriously took a nosedive. Somebody I liked (a lot, btw) decided to go on a date with a girl who is... how shall I say this... forward... when it comes to the gentlemen. I know it seems stupid and childish for getting upset over something that I have no beeswax in. I don't even know if they ended up dating for a little bit or what (she got back with together with her ex-boyfriend though. i know that for sure. that's another whole kit-and-caboodle. i won't go into that right now.) It's not the fact that he went out with another girl. There are plenty of genuine, sweet, adorable girls that he could have dated at our school, and I would be a little sad that it wasn't me, but I would be happy for them. It's just the fact that he even gave her a chance. I mean, I thought I'd finally found a guy who was witty and clever and smart and hilarious and very very cute, and most of all... he noticed if a girl was "flaunting it" and he would steer away from her. But no. Of course  not. Because even the best of guys, apparently don't resist... that... easily.

Anyways. Long tangent. Point is, I haven't had a crush on a guy for a very, very long time. Now, I know some of you are flipping back your hair and saying, "girl... 8 months? That's it? Woo hoo, let's throw a party. Little Miss Kira can't even go a year without falling for someone." I know, I know. It's pathetic. And I don't even want to start dating anyone... it's just... crushing on someone is nice. You get the butterflies and your heart starts beating fast when you're near him... and you notice little things about his eyes or the way his hair is so completely irresistible and you want to run your fingers through it and tousle it up... it's sweet. Everything seems... lovelier, and kind of has a golden glow (reading that over again... i guess this is why people tend to call me a hopeless romantic). This is going to sound really bad, but since 6th grade, I've pretty much had a crush on someone non-stop. Before you judge me, 6th-8th grade, it was the same guy the entire time (i think i only had an actual conversation with the guy once or twice) and he was extremely (*ahem* hormonally) glorified in my mind. And I guess since then, it's pretty much been 3 guys 8-10th grade. So it's weird not crushing on someone. I miss it.

I guess that's why I'm even considering that I having a crush on this guy. Believe me, if anyone found out that I was even thinking about it, I would be laughed out of Paris (don't know why i said that... it just seemed to fit there.). I guess the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems. I've been friends with this guy for a long time, and I can't imagine life without his friendship, but honestly, me even having an inkling of a thought of crushing on him and him finding out... wouldn't work out. Let's just say... it would end badly. Out-of-mac-'n-cheese-and-apple-juice badly. Makes sense that you're putting it in a public blog, Kira. Real smart.

I just wish that there would be some guy that I knew that I could like. By this point, all the likeable guys are taken... or.... y'no... unlikeable. He wouldn't even have to like me back (i think that's a little too much to hope for.). Just sit there, make me smile, give me the butterflies and blushes, and make me overanalyze everything you say to see if you like me back, and.... that's about it.

Anybody know someone interested in the position?

*p.s. i'm glad i wrote all this down... my thoughts were kind of splattered all over my brain walls, and this helped me put it back in order so i don't do something stupid. so... thanks for listening :) *


Fake It 'til You Make It

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to make people think you're listening. Now, before you label me as a heartless monster, let me explain.

Some days, after a cappella, I end up a little late to lunch and, for some reason, my friends never save me a spot. They save a spot for everyone else and won't let anyone else sit there, but my spot just gets taken for some reason... Anyways. I digress. When that happens, I usually end up by myself at the end of the table (i'll pause here it let you shed a tear for poor, forsaken kira) and this happened yesterday. Okay, I'm not entirely alone, but I ended up next to this girl named Brittany (its a hit or miss as to if she decides to talk to me or not), and another girl named Jordan (she's either reading books that have pictures of muscular men  on the cover, or she's talking about her latest boyfriend) and a guy named Daniel. I like Daniel (he's in my a cappella class), but I think I may intimidate him a little. He's not much of a conversationalist, or, at least not around me. But that day, I decided I needed to talk, and for some reason we got on the topic of dogs. I don't know how or why we decided to talk about our dogs, but we were. idk. And, since I was lonely Kira, and wanted someone to keep me company, I decided to try and make him talk some more. So, I kind of raised my eyebrows a little and leaned in a little bit and rested my chin on my hands, and it worked! He kept talking.... and I got stuck listening to stories about his german shepherd/husky mix. But, I was absolutely amazed at how well faking my interest worked. I know I sound like a really bad person, but hey, its better than awkward silence. Now, this isn't to say that if I look like I'm listening to you, I'm not. 95% of the time, I'm listening. It's just funny that if you maintain a lot of eye contact and keep a pleasant half-smile on your face, and lean in a little, people really open up to you.

Or maybe that's just me.

idk. I thought it was interesting.


Something Sweet

Sometimes making a joke about yourself kind of backfires and makes you seem full of yourself instead. I know that sounds really derogatory, and kind of depressing, but just let me explain.

Every morning a bunch of us weirdos gather at Michael's locker to talk and whatever. It kind of sucks sometimes, meeting at Michael's locker, because his locker is in the middle of the hallway, and sometimes our group gets kind of big and clogs up the hallway, or we block people's lockers. Therefore, we have dubbed ourselves, "The Tumor." The Tumor usually consists of myself, Collin, Fedie, a girl named Dani that I've never introduced to you before, but she's such a sweetie, and Maya and Hailey.... aaaand sometimes Breanna or Emily (i'm trying to remember everyone. it's hard.) and some of her friends and this guy named Nick. Most people think Nick is kind of a dork. I guess that's true. I think one word I would use to describe Nick is: tall. I know, so perceptive, Kira. But really, I come up to this guy's mid-bicep. He kind of reminds me of a much older version of my brother. I guess that's why I get along with him. Okay, now that I've bored you to death with the backstory, finally, I can explain what I was saying before. I ended up in the Tumor between Collin and Nick (which made me feel very short, bt dubs), and then when we had do "condense the Tumor" (we were getting malignant) I ended up between Fedie and Nick (i felt slightly less short). Nick was like, "I could elbow you in the face right now if I wanted to without even trying." And I looked up at him with  my patented "angel eyes" and I said, "But you're not, because my face is just too cute." See, the thing is, I make jokes like this all the time. I don't know why I do. I think I just started making comments that I'm drop-dead gorgeous a while ago, and people thought it was funny. Sooo... I kept at it. I know that I'm NOT gorgeous, and I'm not trying to fish for compliments, because I'm just so blatantly sarcastic that when someone agrees with me instead of the usual, "Mmm-hmmm. Riiiight. Kira. Sure you are," it kind of takes me aback. Nick just kind of looked at me, and he said, "Well, that is true. I wouldn't want to mess up that face. But I'm also just not a mean guy." And the sweet thing was, he wasn't really being sarcastic when he was agreeing with me. Believe me, I know sarcasm. I'm like, the queen of sarcasm. Or at least the duchess. I don't know. It just totally made my day, and it was really sweet. :)


Och, These Infuriating Humans

Old blog post. This is how much I care about you, posting stuff like a month after it actually happened. I was a little too angry with these two lovelies to actually finish this.

I consider myself a people person. I totally AM a people person. But sometimes, these infuriating humans make me SO UPSET. Two of my closest friends are named Michael and Katie. We've been hanging out all summer, and of course, Michael happened to have a crush on Katie. This would be perfectly acceptable, except Michael asked Katie out, she said yes, and she DIDN'T actually like Michael. This has happened quite a few times to Michael, so you'd think he'd be if not used to, at least exposed to being "friend-zoned." Katie was totally freaking out on how to tell him that she didn't want to go out, and I, being the wonderful psychologist-to-be, tried to help her. Sidenote: All my friends turn to me for relationship help. Why? I have no idea. I've never been in one! Anyways, I told her that she should have told him no right away, but now that the deed was done, she needed to tell him how she really felt right away. And I kind of gave her some advice on how to deal with him. This is what I said:

so.. about you asking me out. i made a decision too quickly after you asked me, and after i've thought about it for a little while, i don't think us going out together would be a good idea. you're one of my closest friends, and i love you as a friends, but i honestly don't have the same feelings. i know that's cliched, and i know you've heard it before, but i don't know how else to tell you. i would never intenionally do anything to hurt you, but i think that going out with you and leading you on would be more painful for you than being truthful up front and telling you how i really feel.

Pretty good, right? Oh, Kira the wise sage. We bow down to you and your unexperienced relationship advice. All hail the queen (don't know what that was. it just fit. deal.) Yeah, it was supposed to work out all pretty, with Katie telling Michael she had to go (they were Skyping all during the time she was freaking out to me. Face to face. #awkward), and then kind of gently dumping him. Ponies, rainbows and Cheezits. But of course Michael has to be Michael and not cooperate with what us girls predict, and he HUNG UP on her. Yeah. HUNG. UP. The jerkface. (I can say things like this because I know he'll never ever ever read this blog.) Katie was absolutely freaking out. The great thing is, both of them had a band competition the next day, requiring them to actually interact with each other, and they were really ticked at each other. Later on, I learned that Michael thought Katie's reason that "We're too close as friends to date" was a bad idea. The thing I hate about this stuff is there is NO way to turn down a guy that hasn't been said before. Its hard to be sincere, and not cliched. Or you can just do what I did, and just run away from the guy for the next 6 months. (its an interesting story. maybe i'll tell you some other day). So. She's mad at him for hanging up on her, he's mad at her for not having a good enough reason to "break up" (if you can call it that), and there are no fuzzy feelings in the least. Yeah.

The next day, my friend Fabio is chatting with me on Skype (yes, i live on Skype. don't judge.) and he's complaining that Michael is driving him insane with his broken heart over Katie. Michael and I actually have a very long and heartfelt conversation about our idiot friends, and eventually we make Katie and Michael sit down (theoretically. or should i say, electronically) and tell them nobody's leaving until something gets worked out. I felt like a mom. I mean, I know I'm the mother of our entire friend group (long story), but that doesn't mean I should be enforcing discipline! It was absolutely ridiculous. Michael and I are scolding both of them, and Michael is being a stupid little toddler and saying things like, "There's no reason why she shouldn't like me," and "Just because she's upset doesn't mean she can't talk to me." (oh, yeah, i forgot to mention. at the band competition Katie refused to talk to Michael. he was a little miffed at this.) I was more upset with Michael than Katie, obviously, but I still was upset with Katie because she didn't follow my sage advice and keep talking to him, even though she wasn't very happy with him. I mean, what is with people? I'm just such a good, experienced person to follow. Jeez louise. Anyways, eventually we got them to talk, even though Michael decided to be a jerk once again and leave in the middle of the conversation. The nerve. Finally Katie resolved the issue by telling him how she really felt, and apologizing. Which was what I told her in the first place. SO. Moral of the story is: When you ask Kira for advice for some strange reason, even though it really makes no logical sense, LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY. SHE'S USUALLY RIGHT. Okay? Okay. I'm glad we've figured that out.

Disclaimer: Actually, don't listen to what I have to say. This is the girl who sits in her room and sings to the Lorax. Pathetic. And, I'm not actually this mad at Michael. I just like to insult him :D

Demon Man

Driving is always an adventure. I was practicing with my mom today (I actually got up to the actual speed limit! WOO HOO!! Aren't you proud of me? :D) and as I was cautiously pulling up a hill, I saw two figures, one small and normal sized, and one huge, black, and Grim Reaper shaped. Did I mention that he was coming out of an abandoned field? Yeah, total creepstertown. As I drive past, he kind of just stares at us with his marred face and abnormally large nose. I felt a little uncomfortable. Just another day in the life of Kira A. Lange. Oh, yeah, and my parking skills are sadly lacking. I was having many issues, one of which being that I was cracking up so hard, that I could barely steer. Apparently steering is an essential component of parking. Who knew?


Ohhh Yeeeah....

Sooo first day of high school as an upperclassman, and let me say, THOSE FRESHIES ARE GOING DOWN!! I can't wait to terrorize their little minds!!!


No, I'm kidding. I would never do anything to them. Too much work. Buuuut... I am finally an upperclassman. Aaaand, as I'm sure you're dying to know how my first day went, here you go:

I've had a strong, strong hatred for the buses since all my friends got their licenses (fyi, i'm starting driver's ed next week. FINALLY!). This morning wasn't too painful though. Once again, I was probably the oldest person on that bus. Random thought: I really hate it when I'm in situations where I feel really tall or old or just big in general. I like feeling small and young and short. Just a random fact about me. I guess most people feel that way. But, it was really quiet. Everyone was on their mobile devices, and the little Indian girl next to me looked like she was in 6th grade, so she didn't say a single thing the entire time. The only people who were annoying were, of course, right behind me, but they were pretty easy to ignore this morning..

I think my first and second hours are going to be the most painful this semester: Spanish II and Advanced Algebra. Now, let me explain something. Many students take Spanish I their freshman year, or if they're really on top of things, they take it in 8th grade and are able to take Spanish II their freshman year. So, you can see how being a junior in Spanish II might be a little awkward. I took Span. I my freshman year, but last year I didn't have room. Luckily, I have Sam Kivimaki, Macy Caliendo and Sarah Philippi with me. I thought it might be torture, but it shouldn't be too bad. Might get a little awkward with the odd number, but whatever. I'm okay with being the loner jellyfish once in a while (for those of you who don't understand what I'm talking about, sorry, I don't feel like explaining.) Then second hour is Advanced Algebra. That class.... is gonna be pretty boring. And it's second hour, which is my zone out hour. Its when any caffeine loses its power, or I just kind of have issues concentrating. Soooo yeah. That might be a problem.

Then... I get to go to A CAPELLA!! #ohhappydays I love that class already, and I've only been in it for one class. Its gonna be a lot of work, but SO much fun. We have probably the coolest people in the school in that class. I might be a little biased though.... :D Then I have lunch, which is nice because I have a couple new people to talk to, so I'm not stuck with my other friends who, as much as I love them, annoy me by talking about various vampires and which ones are stronger, and which manga is better. I have nothing to contribute to that conversation. I just end up staring at them the entire lunch. As beautiful as Allie Bitz is, its a little boring. And then I have choir! AAAAAAY! I have a whole 90 minutes of singing, and it makes me so happy! I finish out my day with AP Language. This class will either be really fun, or a huge pain in the butt. I'm glad there's so many of my friends in the class. Usually what happens in most classes is I'll have a few friends, and we just kind of sit in the corner and be nerds. But this class, there is about 2/3 dorks like me, and 1/3 popular people who think they're smart, or are actually smart, but pretend they're not. Sooooo we'll probably be murdered by the end of the year from ticking them off. Or they'll be suffocated by us. Either way, someone's going down. Annnnywayss.... i think i'm leaving now... not enough coffee and too much time without a nap.


Kira's Life Lessons

It's almost the first day of school, and I thought I would bestow my life advice upon y'all, because I'm so wise in the ways of the world and everything I say has never ever blown up in my face. Like, ever. Here we go:

  1. Never eat kale unless it's with raisins. Your tastebuds will thank you.
  2. Who cares if you wear white after Labor Day?
  3. Never lose faith in the fairy tale ending.
  4. There is nothing in life that is so sad that a little Disney music and goofing off in front of the mirror can't make better.
  5. If a guy is flirting without your consent, don't acknowledge him until he starts actin like a normal human being and not a starry-eyed baboon.
  6. It is always better to be slightly too cold than to be slightly too hot (there are only so many layers you can take off!)
  7. Less is always more when it comes to makeup.
  8. Don't worry, be happy!
  9. Your brain is elastic. You can never know too many useless facts (except in Fedie's case. well, his problem is he shares the useless facts instead of keeping them inside his elastic brain.)
  10. A smile can do wonders.
  11. Being yourself is so much better than being someone else (because you're the most awesome person in the world! Duh!)


Biggest Waterpark In The World

Sooo... haven't blogged in a long time... but my life has been pretty uneventful lately... getting together with friends at the library, shopping, working, etc., etc. Yesterday, however I went to NOAH'S ARK!! WOO HOO! Where I proceeded to burn, bite, and bruise myself quite a lot. Only to you Kira, only to you. Therefore... I am very very sore today, aaand I really don't want to do anything for the next month. Unfortunately, I have to. Sadness. And, I also don't really want to wear a shirt, because my burn is all on my shoulders and chest. Thank God for tank tops. Otherwise I would pretty much be goin' shirtless right now. That's the point I'm at. Anyways, ramblings. Yes, I went on the Black Anaconda (for those of you who are not Wisconsinites, or have never been to the Dells, those are rides. Just an FYI.) , and I loved it, and no, I did not go on the Point of No Return or the Scorpion's Tail. My favorite ride though, was one called Flash Flood. It was actually a very simple ride, basically a mini rollercoaster where you are in a little car and you go up the ride, and then around and straight down, and you have a little of the thrill factor falling straight down, but the best part is when you hit bottom, it creates this HUGE SPLASH and its soooo cool! Yeah, surrounded by all the rides with huge turns and near-death experiences, and I like the one that makes a big splash. Buuut you could stand right where the water was about to hit afterwards and get completely soaked as the wave blasted you and it was SO COOL!! Yeah, I know... I'm a little pathetic. But that's why everyone loves me, right? :D

P.S. Squishy. Squishy.



Soo... deep post from Kira today... looking at friends on Facebook and feeling kind of jealous because they're having a good time without me... Isn't that shallow? Its like, I don't want anyone to have a good time without me, even though I'm clearly busy, and have no way of getting to the aforementioned friends. NOBODY CAN HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME!!! Anyways, wondering if anyone else feels like this, or if I'm just a very possessive, controlling person.


Friends for MEEEEEE!!! :D

So this week (and this summer in fact) a lot of my main friends were going away, and I was like, crap. What am I going to do with myself? These are friends that I've had for a super super long time, since like 7th grade, and I know for sure I'm going to enjoy myself with them and they can put up with me. So I was kind of sad, because my best friend Maya's been in Russia with Russian boys, and Fedie is gone to go look at Mount Rushmore or something, and my cousin Mikayla has had to work all summer, and then I would have seen her on Sunday, but she got sick and didn't come.... probably from working to hard in the hot heat with little children. Or screaming at Alex Goot. Aaaanyways, I was a little sad, but it turns out, other people can put up with me besides these three people. I actually hang out with more people than these three, but I almost always have one of these three core people with me when I do hang out with others. This week, however I got to hang out with many many awesome people, without my three main friends, and it's been an absolute blast. On Sunday I got to spend the ENTIRE day with three amazing people named Hannah, Andrew, and Collin. Hannah and Andrew are siblings, and Collin is practically related to them, and they're all practically related to me, but I never spend time with them unless Mikayla is there too. Until Sunday. I spent the whole day with them, and even though it was raining at the fair, Andrew still dragged us around outside so he could buy doughnuts and fudge and cheese curds. Luckily, he let me eat some of them, so it was all good though. :D Then we all sat in a row and watched the Holmes family play piano, and I was so exhausted that I almost fell asleep, and barely escaped volunteering myself for singing onstage because I didn't know what I was saying... :D Andrew said I was like his grandma, because the night before she almost fell asleep at Culvers... yeah, I was almost literally sleeping sitting up in a hard metal chair.

Then today, I was hanging out with my friends Breanna and Collin (a different Collin from before). I actually am really good friends with both of them, but once again, I always have one of my "core friends" there too, and today was so much fun! I laughed so much, and we got pistachio muffins (which was basically my dinner), aand I said more than a few really dumb things, but it was okay, because it was just tons of fun...

Sooo.... yeah! I'm just so blessed with all the friends I have, and I love them so much. I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I got to hang out with y'all, and I hope I was tolerable enough that you want to hang out again... <3 :D


Little Story

So, I was going through my old papers, and I found this story that made me crack up. I was a weird kid. Here it is, spelling mistakes included. I couldn't help commenting.

Once opon a time there was a queen. And that queen wanted a child. Oh, how she wanted on. So She went to the town magician who gave her a bottle of red gook. what a lovely choice of words A day went by. The next day, she felt something moving around in her stomach. "Quickly, get me to my bed," she said to her maids. So the maids got the guards who quickly picked up a board with two poles on either side apparently stretchers are just laying around in this country and the maids got a mattress, pillow, pillowcase, and a fancy blanket. The guards picked up the mattress and put it on the board. The maids put the pill ow in the pillowcase, put the pillow on the bed, put the blanket, fixed the blanket in case you didn't know how to make a bed, this story gives you step by step instructions in great detail. The guards hurridly picked up the bed. The raced up the stairs. One of the maids named Sue great name, Sue. showed the guards exactly where the queen was and there she was lying there. "She's problebly just sleeping," said a maid named Maggy where did I get these names? Sue shook the queen gently. Her eyes opened, Maggy and Sue smiled. The guards picked up the queen and put her on the bed. They brought her to her room. The guards put her on her bed. Maggie knelt by her bed. She said, "If you need anything, I'll be right here. A few weeks later okay, either I thought women go into labor for a few weeks long, or women are only pregnant for three weeks. idk. She had a beautiful child. She named her Marinda once again, where are these names coming from? Every one came to the banquet All of a sudden there was hissing of wind, and there stood the Wicked Witch. She said to the queen "Along with everyone else I too have a gift for the girl." All were trembling with fright. "When the child is four years old you will give her to me. Otherwise your kingdom I will destroy Yoda, I am I will put her in a boat. She will float out of sight. You will never see her again!"  and with that she dissapired. Well, when the child was four years old, the Wicked Witch came. "Do you wish to give the child to me? Or will I destroy your kindom? The king and queen were not selfish It was only a matter of generosity. that's it. so with heavy hearts gave the child to the witch. But before they did the told the witch, "Let the girl have her cat." Okay. totally makes sense. The witch did. She carried her out to the boat. It was made for fishermen. It wasn't a yacht. The Wicked Witch pushed the boat off toward sea. Since the little one was asleep when this happened, when she woke up scared and surprised when she woke in the middle of nowhere. There was her little cat sitting on her lap looking just as surprised as herself, but no maids, no comfortable bed, just a uncomfortable fishing boat. don't forget the sea that's surrounding you and the strange, old, possibly green woman in the boat with you. There was a fishing rod so she took it up and thrust it into the water are we talking about a fishing pole or a sword here? She caught two or three fish. One was too small so she threw it back. 

This is where I apparently got bored with writing the story and left poor Marinda alone in the ocean with a witch and a cat and no water and a tendency toward eco-friendliness. Yeah. Once again, I was a strange child. 

1000 Pageviews!!

I can't believe it! I have 1011 pageviews! I have no idea where those views are coming from, but thank you all! To celebrate, I decided to give you a piece of advice from my cousin Mikayla and me: the foolproof ways to pickup someone, whether girl or guy.

"Hellooo (a deep seductive voice is key). I was looking over at you, and you're pretty toasty. In fact, you're so toasty, I'm sweating through my FACE. With me, there will be a party every day inside and sweet dreams tonight, man. Call me maybe?"


Happy Camper

Soooo... just got back from a thrilling camping adventure. I have to say, I am not much of a camping gal. I'm sure everyone knows, I'm what some might call, "picky," so camping with dirt and gross stuff usually doesn't suit me. Okay, okay, it wasn't that bad. It actually could have been a lot worse. Our tent was very very bug proof (meaning that it was sealed really well so spiders couldn't get in), which was good because we may have been underneath a spider nest or something, as they were covering the tent. But they were on the outside, not on the inside, so all was well. It was actually kind of interesting to look up through the little screen in the roof and see them climbing on the ceiling. As long as the spiders were outside the tent, I was, for lack of a better term, a happy camper.

But that wasn't all.... We were camping by Pike Lake (and this is where Maya goes omigosh! I know that place... there's a little beach with lots of trails and a tower... :D) and apparently Pikian Lake territory is very very hilly. ALL HILLS! Which is very sad when you are a less-than-athletic-or-even-physically-fit-person and you are forced to walk up and down the hills at a pace slightly faster than you would like, because somehow your fellow cousins are finding the energy to RUN, like SPRINT down the trail ahead of you, and you will get lost without them. Fortunately, Mikayla was having about as much trouble as I was, and she works out far more often than I do, so that made me feel a little less out of shape (sorry, Mikayla, but it's true!! i love you....) Not to mention that the aforementioned beach, which was actually slightly pathetic, was about 30-45 minutes away from the campsite, and pretty much all up and down very very steep hills. woo hoo.

The other thing that was a major highlight for this trip was the campfire. My mom sent my brother and little cousin off into the woods to get kindling, and she misjudged how much energy they had, and they brought back enough kindling for two more days than we were actually staying at the campsite. This was great... ish. They got all the kindling off of the ground, which meant it was all a) green or b) damp. This made it really really hard to start a fire, and I spent about 2 1/2 hours trying to get the stupid thing going. I actually ended up having to go find a old dead tree to get some decent kindling, and it was a very complicated process. I had to gather all the things I needed ahead of time, and then set some crumpled paper on fire, and then add a pile of dead dry leaves, and then break up tiny pieces of kindling and put that on the fire and then take smaller dry sticks and put that on, and keep getting bigger and bigger until I could put the big logs that would last a while. Whatever. I'm sure you absolutely needed to know that.... :/

I felt like absolute crap on a plate the last day, since I hadn't showered in an amount of time any human being should not be required to not shower (tmi, kira) and my hair was greasy, and I smelled like smoke. I seriously felt like a hippie or something, since I was wearing flip flops, baggy sweat pants and a gigantic men's plaid shirt covered with paint that my mom stole from my grandpa. That's what Kira is like in her natural state... everything is baggy and old and plaid... hehe... But seriously, if I didn't have to dress in a socially acceptable way, I would wear huge men's flannel shirts, (my dog is being a butt and shoving her face under my hand while I type) very very baggy capris and no shoes all the time. But, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to do that. :( Anyways, I was feeling very yucky, and standing in the women's bathroom putting my hair up into something that would feel a little more comfortable than having it plastered to my head, and I was listening to a conversation these little girls were having while seated on the toilet (that sounds creeperish. it wasn't, i promise...) and they were arguing about who would get done relieving herself first. Then, out of the blue, one of the girls blurted out "The lady out there looks really pretty!" I was like, okay... apparently huge dirty flannel shirts and greasy hair are attractive now.... (one other thing: am i the only one who finds it really really weird when people call me ma'am or miss or lady or something? like, it really freaks me out! i'm not old yet!!) Soo... maybe I should start wearing men's shirts now??? Let me know... haha... (just an fyi, my dog made this soo hard to type!! stupid fireworks....)


I'm a Sassy Girl

So, today I really enjoyed work, because I (finally) got to do register instead of covering myself in sticky custard. It was really fun! Which may have been because I had a really fun trainer named Ryan, who was such a goofball. Anyways, my manager for the day, Lucas and Ryan are really good friends, and they were talking about something in basketball called Heat (idk... weird sports terms) and they were freaking out about watching the game, and Lucas decided to wait for Ryan to get out of work. Of course, Lucas wanted to scare me and made me take his order, and ordered, of all things, ranch on his hamburger just to be mean. But Ryah stuck up for me, and then helped me. Stupid Lucas. Anyways, I was kind of freaking out, and Lucas was taking too much pleasure in my discomfort. Kira decided to get a little sassy, because she knew Lucas would take it okay. So at the end of my shift, I went to clock out, and Lucas was mean again and pretended to be a impatient customer and was all like, "Aren't you going to take my order?" and I was kind of ticked off, so I said, "No."


"Because I don't like you."

Oh my goodness, Kira! You just sassed off your manager! I couldn't believe that had popped out of my mouth. Yes, I know I'm a sarcastic person, but usually I don't mouth off to people I barely know. But apparently I was really comfortable at work, because I just mouthed off to my manager. Jeez. I need to shut my face sometimes. Luckily, he thought it was funny. Usually when people get to know me, they find it really funny that I talk back a lot, because they assume that just because I'm quiet, it means I'm shy. But I'm just quiet because there's no one for me to talk to! So he found it hilarious, and when I left, he said a (sarcastic) scathing goodbye. I think I'm going to like this place. They all treat me like a little puppy or something because I'm new and young and they're all in college, but I think they like me, and they amuse me. 


Big News!

I know I haven't posted something in forever, but I've been super super busy with life stuff. You know. So this is just a quick post to say, I haven't died, and I also have a big surprise! My cousin Mikayla and I decided to make a joint Youtube account, and we're posting videos every week (theoretically). Here's the link if you want to check it out. It's called PartyEverydayInside because... well, watch the first video and you'll learn why.




I did it, guys! I made it through an entire shift of making ice cream at work without licking my fingers once! And it was super hard, let me tell you that. Now my arms are completely covered with spattered ice cream. Yum... haha.. jk. It was really easy at first, because things were slow and my trainer was really sweet (her name was Abby). I was apparently supposed to watch this tutorial thing from "Butterburger University" (oooo... exciting) about how to make stuff, but nobody thought to show it to me, and I didn't ask, so she taught me everything. And then my boss Debbie remembered that I had to watch the video, and it was TORTUOUS!!! ugh. To add to the loveliness, it was not just like 10 minutes of boredom. It was more like 45 minutes of torture. By the time I emerged from Butterburger University, things were already picking up and I was flung into the midst of it. Luckily, I was sort of kind of not really prepared, so I just started, and hoped upon hope that nothing bad would happen. Of course, things picked up at like 7:30 (really? who eats dinner at 7:30?) and everyone wanted shakes cuz it was hot out, and so I started freaking out and spazzing, and I made the wrong order. But, luckily when my brain goes into panic mode, a small part stays sane, and is also very commanding, because that little part started shouting "HEY! KIRA! GET IT TOGETHER! FOCUS!" Then things went a lot better because I stopped looking at all the orders and just concentrated on one at a time. So it actually turned out to be kind of fun. I'm sure you all know this by now, but I deal so much better with chaos and stress than boredom.


I Hate Buses

I know that my first blog (ever!) kind of discussed this, but today was just so annoying that I need to vent about it.

I had to go on the bus today because I didn't have anything going on after school, which I wasn't too thrilled about 'cuz I have to be on that stupid bus for 40 minutes to get to my house which is 4 minutes away. But I'm like, whatever, I'll just sleep on the bus. Oh, Kira. How wrong you were..... Things were pretty good until we got to the middle school, the sky erupted and dumped little imp children into our bus. I hear:

"Oh, look there's a sleeping girl in that seat! Shoot!"

"Who is she? I don't know!" (I've only been on this bus for 3 months now, people. Shock factor.)

I could feel them all looking at me, and then the extremely annoying girl behind me decided to stick her head out from behind her seat and poke me. "ARE YOU SLEEPING???" she yelled. I do not exaggerate. This girl practically yelled every time she opened her pothole. Which was quite often. The rest of the implings stuck their heads and stared me down. I felt like a goldfish in a bowl. Ten minutes later, the two guys who were in the seats across from me, who were in 6th and 7th grade, I think, were discussing how one of them were going to break up with their "girlfriend" (seriously, dude? girlfriend? you barely know how to count to ten yet.) The 6th grader looked straight at me, pointed and said, "You could go out with that girl." I just kept pretending to be asleep. Then the thunder cracked, so I couldn't pretend to sleep, otherwise I would have to pretend to be deaf too. And I almost was, having to listen to the girl behind me. Who also felt it necessary to pound on my seat. So things go on fairly decently after that, except about 20 minutes later, when that same girl stuck her head back out. "HI!" she yelled, "HOW ARE YOU???"
"Okay." I replied. "YOU HAVE BIG EYES! I LIKE BIG EYES!" she screeched. The guy across from me apologized, saying "Sorry, she's really weird." Yeah, I've figured that out by this point. "HE HAS BIG EYES TOO! (referring to the guy across from me, who was, again, in 7th grade) YOU GUYS SHOULD GO OUT!!" At this point, I'm like, this girl is so stupid, and that statement was so totally idiotic that I'm not even going to grace it with an answer. She took that as "YOU'RE NOT DISAGREEING! YOU WANT TO GO OUT WITH HIM!!!" I just gave her a look. "Excuse me? I'm a sophomore."


"No. A sophomore."

"OH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE A FRESHMAN!!! (why does everyone think that?)"

By this point the big-eyed boy is dying with embarrassment, and luckily I'm at my bus stop. Yeah. It was a weird bus ride. That's why I need drivers-ed.



Guess what? I really am going to take your order!!! I got a job at Culvers!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!  I went to my second interview today, and it was super short... She just asked me a couple of questions, and then she told me, "Well, I usually don't do this. I usually spend a couple of days after an interview thinking about the conversation, but Matt (the guy I who interviewed me the first time) really liked you, and you smile a lot, so I'm going to give you the job." YAYAAAAAAYYYY!!


Welcome to Culvers, May I Take Your Order?

Soooo, if you've read the title, I think you know where this post is going....

I applied for a job at Sussex Culvers, and I didn't get the job, so I'm like, what the heck, might as well apply for Menomonee Falls Culvers too. Since that's the only flippin' place I can legally work at. :P I wasn't really expecting to get a call from them, but today I did! And they want an interview with me! (Weirdly enough, my friend Jewell also applied at the Sussex Culvers, except  she ended up getting an interview, and she actually went to that interview today.) So the guy who called me at MF Culvers was named Matt, and I actually talked to him again today. Here's how the conversation went:

Random Girl: "Welcome to Culvers! How may I help you?"

Me: "Umm... I applied for a job a couple weeks ago, and I was told to call here today?"

Random Girl: "Yeah, sure. Just a second. Can I have your name?"

Me: "Kira Lange. K-I-R-A L-A-N-G-E." (I automatically spell out my name when I tell people it because they never know how to spell it.)

Matt: "Hello? I'm Matt."

Me: "Yes? I'm Kira? You called me earlier today about a job interview?"

Matt: "Moshymooshymush."

Me: "Sorry, what?"

Matt: "Hoshymoshymoooshymoo?"

Me: *awkward pause* "I'm really sorry, could I just have that one more time?"

Matt: "How are you?"

Me: *embarrassed laughter* Oh, I'm good."

Matt: "So, do you think you could come in tomorrow or Friday?"

Me: "Well, I can't come in tomorrow or Friday until 5:30 because I have drama practice."

Matt: "You're in what?"

Me: "I'm in drama."

Matt: "Oh! That's cool."

Me: "Do you think Saturday would work?"

Matt: "No, I don't work that day." (So apparently that means he's the one who's gonna interview me...) Sunday?"

Me: "I'm free all day Sunday!"

Matt: "Would three work on Sunday?"

Me: "Yeah! Thanks!"

And the prize for the most awkward conversation today goes to... me! I can see this relationship with Matt is going to be marvelous.... since we can barely understand each other.... :D

Spring Break

*I found this in my drafts... don't why I didn't post it before... huh...*

Soo... while others are basking in the sunlight of Florida or something, I sit here and eat jellybeans and fry my brains out in front of the TV. Yaaay. With no internet. Yaay. (and before some smart aleck comments, I'm at the library writing this. So there.) So I though I would just give a quick update about things that are going on in my life.

  1. We started "Ethnic Dance" in gym. Woo hoo. Actually, its pretty fun. Probably because its like the one thing in gym that I don't fail epically at. Except maybe badminton. I was okay at that. Annyyyways... the first dance, while pretty easy, kind of made me feel like an idiot. Or a leprechaun. Or a leprechaun idiot... Wow. The TV really must be frying my brains. I'm rambling more than usual.... and I'm back. The second dance was a partner dance. Joy. And unfortunately, there are no boys in my gym class that I even feel the slightest attraction to. Or friendliness towards. Or civility towards. Okay, its not really that bad. I just don't have any guy friends in the class. Mr. Demato (aka the football coach aka my teacher) kind of paired us all up, but there was one girl left over. The first time, when we learned how to properly do the position-that-you-do-when-you-ballroom-dance (is there a specific name for that?), I had a partner. Then the guys all rotated, and I was left over... Mr. Demato demonstrated the simplest dance in the history of ever THREE TIMES by himself, and then turned to me and was like, "Do you think you got this?" I was like, I dance. I've done much harder things than this. But apparently the rest of the class wasn't really that great at it, because I actually looked halfway decent apparently. I got complimented for gently nudging my partner into place (Words of wisdom from Kira Lange: If boys don't do what you want, don't shove them around. Gently nudge them into place, so that they don't even realize you're doing it. Works (almost) every time.)
  2. The dog I'm watching has so far puked in my room, ripped up her (filled) diaper and spread the shreds all over my bed and made a puddle in the kitchen. Twice. And she's like three years old. But she's a sweetie, and I'm getting paid twenty dollars a day. So it's okay.
  3. I watched the Phantom of the Opera last night. It was really good. His face was so ugly! But his voice was sooo good. I was seriously freaked out by the little bit of brain they had showing through his skull though. This kind of goes without saying, but I cried, as I do during every movie. Poor Phantom.


An Un-Wonderful Day

"Oh, what a beautiful moooorrrning... Oh what a beautiful daaaaayyyy.... I've got a beautiful feeeeliiiiinnnnngggg-" NOOO STOP! Not a good day! Not. A. Good. Day!

Today started out with me waking up late, and my mom rushing into my room, freaking out about how late it was. Pretty normal for me... Haha... I rushed into the bathroom, did my makeup and everything, and brushed my teeth.... then froze. I was holding my brother's toothbrush in my hand, covered with toothpaste foam. Did  I just.... use my brothers toothbrush! Ewww!! Nasty nasty nasty! Then I looked outside, and hey! It's raining. So I went a little slower because usually my mom drives me to the bus stop when its raining, so I didn't need to leave as early to walk. Nope. She doesn't drive me, because it's not raining that bad out. It was raining enough to say it was raining, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. Halfway to the bus stop, it started raining harder. And harder. And harder. By the time I got to the top of my hill, my head was soaked. Yay. I love my life. So I get to school, and make a couple sarcastic comments about how, hey, guys! It's raining outside. First hour was pretty good. I was dancing with a guy named Connor, and he was pretty nice and not all awkward. Then, when I was in the locker room afterwards, I sprayed myself with perfume... in my mouth! Uuuuugh.... When will the torment ever end? Theen... I got to second hour, and started getting really bad cramps. I went to the health room, and asked if I could call my mom to see if she could bring some medicine. To show you how bad my day was, that was the highlight of my day: sitting in the health room with a hot pad on my stomach. A couple of my friends walked by, including Collin and Ariel. Collin did, like, a double take when he walked past me. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I was born a female." I replied. Sarcastically. Today was a day for major sarcasm for me. Ariel didn't get it.


"I'm a girl. I was born female."

"OOOOOOOHHHHH!! I get it now! Don't worry, I'm a girl too."

"Yes. I think I've realized that by this point."

So my mom gets to school with the medicine, and things start looking up. And then down. Because the medicine didn't work. And I still feel sick right now. In choir, I had to sit down during sectionals, so of course everyone starts freaking out and telling me I should go to the health room (which actually made me feel even more uncomfortable) Sorry, already tried that, and it didn't work. And I didn't really want to go home, 'cuz I'd already got my mom up to the school, and I didn't want to make her come up again. So here I sit. In pain. Did I mention how much I love my life? The guy who sits in front of me (I think y'all know him. Mentioned him in one of my recent blogs? Yeah. That one.) just asked me what's wrong, and I told him that I just didn't feel good. Then he asked, "Is there any underlying reason?" and then fixed his blue-green eyes on me.... sigh. No! Kira! Bad girl! And so I told him no, but then stopped and said.... "Umm... there kind of is one..." Those EYES! "I'm a female." Lightbulb pops on. "Well, Kira, I'm sorry that you have those... female parts."

"I am too."

So I'm skipping out on drama practice tonight, and going home and probably watching Sterling Knight on Youtube. I really really hate being a girl.....


That Chick

Soo... I got 20 pageviews yesterday... WHAT WHAT??? :D:D:D:D #partyeverydayoutside

Haha... Yeah. That's the extent of my good news. The world is still telling me to go to datelifesite.com and that LOVE AWAITS! Use this coupon only good through March 12th! Call me controversial, but getting told I need a boyfriend over and over kind of just makes me more annoyed with the male species. Like, for instance, there's this guy that I maybe might have had a crush on last semester. Like a baby crush. But I think the crush is dying. I was thrilled last semester when I learned, hey, we have History together next semester! Well, apparently Chemistry is the only semester when we had chemistry, because now he spends the entire class flirting with a girl named "Ashley" (yes, I'm changing the name... I go to public school! With friends who (supposedly) read this blog! Obviously, I need to change the name) who all the guys seem to love for some reason. Probably because she's into basketball... and soccer... and football... and everything I hate. So yeah. Did I mention "Ashley" has a boyfriend? A jock upperclassmen boyfriend? So why even waste your time with her? However, this boy still tries to maintain good relations with me. Meaning once in a while, he'll come over and punch me or hit me with a bag of sunflower seeds and expect me to act like he hasn't been ignoring me for the last week. Yeah. Now I just sweetly smile at him, give him a civil, "Hi there!" and return to my homework. Who cares if the whole class thinks I'm a nerd. They're all just stupid jocks anyways. And ditzes. Like, you think I'm a dumb blonde? Just walk into this classroom and instantly you'll probably bow down to me because of my intellectual splendor and genius. In comparison... put me anywhere else... and, well, I'm the chick who's three feet away from her parents and is freaking out because she's about to perform (I use this term loosely, because of what actually happened Saturday. See my blog titled "Make a Fool of Kira Day"), calls them on her teachers phone, and realizes... hey, my parents are three feet away. ... Remind me why I post this stuff on the internet again??? Well, nobody can ever say my communication skills are lacking...


Make a Fool of Kira Day

(do you remember that, Maya? :D good times...) Well, Kira made a total dork out of herself today... yeah. I sang a solo in front of... yeah, a lot of people. And I didn't do so hot. I was kind of figuring that the only people I would be singing in front of would be my parents, the judge, Sam (my accompanist), and that was it. Nope. It was my parents, Sam, the judge, Sam's parents, my friends Mandy and Nicole, and this girl named Brittany. And her accompanist. And her parents. Yup. All watching me sing a solo, when I barely warmed up, and my voice broke twice, and it was just... horrible. Ugh. I was just so stressed out, and wound up, it wasn't even me singing up there. Everyone who was watching was like, oh, its Kira, she never gets nervous (at least, I hope they were thinking that. Maybe they were just waiting in anticipation for me to fail? :s :D). Yeah, I do get nervous. Oh, wells. As they say, whateves. There's always next year. Its just... I wish I didn't totally make an idiot of myself in front of so many people... grrs. Why do I always do this to myself??? :P O_o


Laughing Until You Cry

I'm sure all of you are familiar with my little cousin Nicholas and the hilarious things he says (usually a comment about me that is very insulting, but he has no idea what he's saying, so I find it extremely funny. Lucky for him, I have a good sense of humor. :D) Yeah, he pulled another one today.

Today we were all eating dinner at the table, and he kept looking at me funny, for a really long time. At first I thought he was looking at my pizza, but he kept this up for about three minutes. "Can I help you?" I asked. (Okay, here's where I have to say something: I'm writing what Nicholas said as I heard it, not as he actually said it. It'll make sense in a sec."

He kept looking funny at me.

"Hello? Can I help you?" I inquired.

"I'm looking at your boob."

"EXCUSE ME?!?!?!??!"

"I'm looking at your Boo."

(Just an fyi, i was wearing a mario t-shirt at the time)

So yeah. I laughed until I cried. I love my cousin.


The Man in the Tower

The Man in the Tower

It's a little bit dark tonight.
It's hard to see by candlelight. 
But it's enough for him to write what he needs,
It's enough to let his soul be freed. 
It's funny how fast legends die, 
Once upon a time you'll need to cry.
Sometime we'll find out where old stories go,
Somehow we'll both know.

He catches his breath
As he hears footsteps 
In the hall;
It's no one at all.
He returns to his pen and ink
How long do churchbells ring?

The man in the tower
Writing words of love, 
Sending dreams of happiness
To his only inspiration.
No one else has the power to send these words of love. 
He's pure genius, nothing less.
What's the occasion?
I can see him now. 
Sweat drips from his brow
As he writes till dawn.
What's the purpose of his song?
Words of magic in a letter. 
He adds this note to the countless before
That lie unread in a pile by the floor
No one frees him from his cell.
No one notices his private hell.
He's alone in the tower, lost and scared, 
Wondering how to get back to the love he once shared.
Because, my friend, you see,
The man in the tower

Written by David Lange



So in case you didn't know, my friends and family and I got together and filmed a movie over the summer and we finally finished editing it and uploaded it to YouTube... so yay! Here it is:



Down With the Tin Man

Unlike how the Tin Man wished for a heart, right now I wish I didn't have a conscience. Ugh.
One of my pretty good friends (who I will name... Penny because some of you may know her) has been having a hard time keeping up with AP Euro and the long, grueling hours that Robotics gives to you wrapped up in a lovely bow. So, unfortunately, she hasn't been doing all of her homework and her grades are suffering. A lot. Enough so that my teacher, Mr. Dorgan, had to pull her aside and tell her that if she couldn't get her grade up, they would have to keep her from Robotics for a while. So yeah. Extremely non-cool beans.
Today we had a reading quiz in the aforementioned AP Euro (he gives them to us periodically just to make sure we are actually doing the homework we are supposed to do on time) and Penny didn't do the reading, because of Robotics. She came up to a group of us hovering over a tub of ice cream and a pan of brownies to turn in her test and waited in line like a good student (yes, we have food days in AP Euro. It's pretty much awesome). She turned to me and complained, "I have no idea what these answers are. I'm pretty sure its wrong." To which I replied, "Oh, yeah, I had some troubles with that too. I think I put down Austria and Hungary for that one. Oooh, and I think I got that question wrong. (I had already turned in my test by this point.)" She makes no move, so obviously, she isn't getting to urge to cheat on the test. Good girl. Another girl comes over, (call her Jeannette) and she didn't do her homework either. I don't really care about Jeannette's issues, because more than once she's piggybacked off of my work instead of actually doing it herself. Not the best record. So we start talking about the test, and this guy, "Freddy," joins in on the conversation too. Freddy's like, "Austria-Hungary's the right answer, and oh, hey, I have a pen in my pocket. What a coincidence!" Penny said, "But I don't write in pen... Oh shoot. I "forgot to put my name on my paper.' I guess I'll go back to my desk and do that." Deed #1 is done. Jeannette, not to be outdone, says, "Wow! I forgot my name too! Can I borrow your pencil?" End of Deed #2. So here I am, and little red flags are going off everywhere (more like flags the size of Alaska). And I have no idea what to do. And I feel horrible, because, in actuality, I do know what to do, but I also happen to like to have people enjoy being around me and not think of me as a bratty little snitch. My ice cream and brownies did not sit well for the rest of the day.
      Random Tangent: (but it'll make sense in a second, just wait) Yesterday during 20th Century History with the glorious Mr. Heckman, we discussed an assignment about WWI. One of the questions stated "Is it better to do what is right or keep the peace?" I answered to do what is right. So am I a hypocrite?
     Anyways, to cut this sitcom-like episode short, I snitched. I stayed after school to talk to Mr. Dorgan (he thought something was seriously wrong when I asked him if I could talk to him after school, 'cuz I was pretty bummed out about the whole shebang and looked, and I quote, "strangely cryptic"). He was pretty disappointed (especially with Penny, since he knows the whole backstory too), and I was about to burst into tears. Literally. I was sniffling down the hallway after hoping I wouldn't run into anyone I knew. And I still feel horrible. Not really about Jeannette, because she deserves it, but Penny is really a good person.The other reason I feel bad is because I guess cheating isn't really that wrong at public school. I mean, the teachers don't condone it, but a lot of students do it. Even my friends. So I don't know why I'm telling this to anyone because everyone who reads it is going to be like, "You're so high-and-mighty, Kira! She had a good excuse to cheat! She's staying up until 2-3 in the morning every night! It's not her fault!" Oh, yeah, and the other thing is Penny, when she's upset, likes to rail on people to relieve her stress. So once she figures out that I'm the one who snitched (because I'm the only logical person who would... and Mr. D might have to "call on me to witness") there's a good possibility the whole class might hate my guts. Oh happy days. But I guess it all comes back to... is it better to do what is right or keep the peace? If I only had no conscience.


Joe (Not Joel)

It's strange how much you can learn about someone in a very short amount of time. Like yesterday, I went into the guidance counselor's office to talk about scheduling stuff with him, and then I ended up giving him a 45-second sound byte of my entire life. Basically, it went like this:

"So, what are you planning to do after high school?" he asked. "Well," I replied, "I'm going to go to college, obviously, but after that I want to be an English teacher."

"Oh really? Why is that?"

"I just really like the subject. And my dad was an English teacher."

"That's interesting... Where does he teach?"

"He doesn't teach around here. He teaches in Colorado. At least, he used to."


"Well.... he... uhhh... doesn't work there anymore."

"Oh. So what does he say about you becoming an English teacher?"

"He's pretty supportive... I haven't talked to him in like four years... soo I don't know exactly what he thinks..."

"Is your mom okay with you becoming a teacher?"

"Yeah, yeah! She used to be a preschool teacher."

Okay, now that you know my entire messy life pretty much, can we end Special Talk Time With Mr. Johnson and get to my junior schedule please? But sometimes its a good thing. Like today I was waiting for a ride after musical practice (and waiting and waiting and waiting) and the person who plays the lead role, Joe, and I started talking and I learned a lot about him. He's a really nice guy, and super relaxed about life. He used to be in football, and now he gave it up to be in musical. He's also in Robos, and gave that up too. So he's super committed to his part (I hope so, b/c he's the main role!). He's also not stressed out about the play at all yet, even though this is his first time ever being on stage in front of people, and it's a week until show. He was telling me about how he used to be so scared about singing in front of people, and now he doesn't care anymore. Some people were also complaining about how he gets special treatment earlier, and he didn't overhear it, but he was telling me that he hates how the directors cut him a lot of slack, and he doesn't want to be given any special attention. (We also talked about some other stuff too. We were kind of talking for a long time. Our rides were taking forever to get there.) So he's just a really nice person. And, he asked twice if I needed a ride home before he finally went to his car. I can see why his girlfriend loves him so much.

So, not an especially amusing post today, but I just thought how it was interesting how sometimes you can spend three months with someone, and barely know them, but at the same time you can sit for thirty minutes with someone and learn a lot, if you're actually listening.


Introducing Electric Guitar: The New Ibuprofen!

Today I had an absolutely splitting headache in musical practice, and no ibuprofen or anything, so it was horrible. But then afterwards I decided to go in the band room and hang out. Right next to people playing the drums and Kevin the guitar guy and the piano. Kira's a smart person!!! (NOT!). But it actually helped a little... I guess being distracted from my headache was kind of a painkiller. I was in more pain listening to Kevin wail on the guitar than from my headache (No, I'm kidding. Kevin is literally amazing on the guitar. I was sitting there watching his fingers fly up and down across the strings and I was just in awe. But of course, I didn't tell him that. His head is big enough already.) And then I got to dance around in the back of the room while the jazz band had practice, because Mr. Waite is awesome and doesn't care that I don't belong in the band room. I kind of miss being in band (See, now we'll know whether Fedie actually reads these posts or not because he won't be able to resist posting some sarcastic comment about me not being in band.) Kevin had to play the same chord for an entire song, and so he came up to me, and this is how our little conversation went.
"Please, kill me now. Just kill me now." (while still playing the correct chords on beat and whatever)
"Gladly! I shall beat you to death with my phone." (insert pantomime of beating Kevin to death here)
*10 minutes later *
"I'm serious. Just kill me. Please! Please! Please!"
"I can't. I have to be a good girl and be quiet in the back and not be distracting. I think beating you to death would be described as "bad," and it definitely would be distracting."

I'm paraphrasing a little. Okay, here endeth the pointless blog that I spewed out at 11: 39 at night even though I should be sleeping. Good night! I love you all! <3 Oh, yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAYA!! AND MY MOTHER!! (even though my mother doesn't read my blogs. actually, i doubt she knows i even have one.... okay. no more tangents. i love maya best of all, even though she expected me to remember her birthday in the quarter of a second i saw her in the hallway today....)



Fun fact: People who use Match.com are 3 times more likely to find a match on Match.com than people who never use the website. Go figure.

 Everyone I talk to is aching to know if I have a crush on someone. I mean, it's okay in high school, like, we're in high school.  If you don't have a crush on someone, you're abnormal or something (nobody had better say anything about me being abnormal in the first place. >:( ... :D) You know how Google looks at the stuff you click on and stuff, and then fits advertisements to you? Well, apparently Google is in on the "Kira-needs-a-crush" scheme, because the advertisement just told me to find my soulmate on Match.com! Like, seriously? Really? Who's pulling the strings here, because this is just weird.

Two minutes later: I just previewed this blog on my site, and the computer put a link on "find your soulmate." This is ceasing to be funny. o_o


I'm Such A Nice Person

Because Maya's not on Google, I don't know if she will see this or not, but I'm putting it here anyways. This is from about a year ago, like my 8th grade summer:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Maya Pechenov <climberguru@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <twall246@yahoo.com>; Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>; Cari Dowden 1 <cld90000@yahoo.com>; Allie Bitz <stripedwalrus@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2011 2:04 PM
Subject: Fw: Fwd: Trivia?

I found this in my old files while I was cleaning out my inbox. Thought I'd make some comments.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Natalie Heise <natalieb_08@yahoo.com>
To: Love <fediej69@yahoo.com>; Krystal Fedie <sweetness728@sbcglobal.net>; Brandon Fedie <dragonclaw518@yahoo.com>; Jen Lautenschleger <jrheise@hotmail.com>; Karin Schei <karinschei@gmail.com>; Laurie and Dave Karrels <djkarrels@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, March 15, 2011 6:27:11 PM
Subject: Fwd: Trivia?
 Did you  know?
 If you are right handed,  you will tend to chew your food on the right side of your mouth. If you  are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on the left side of  your mouth. I can't imagine what scientists do to obtain this knowledge. Ask people if they're right or left handed, then sit there and watch as they chew their food?
To make half a kilo of  honey, bees must collect nectar from over 2 million individual  flowers Poor flowers. 
Communications giant  Nokia was founded in 1865 as a wood-pulp mill by Fredrik  Idestam. ARGG IT'S A GIANT
 Tourists visiting  Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an  insult! Gasp! Scandalous!  
People in nudist  colonies play volleyball more than any other  sport. Again, how do they find this out? Sit on the sand dunes with binoculars and casually observe?  
 Albert Einstein was  offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he  declined. "Mr. Einstein, will you be president of our great country, Israel?" "E EQUALS MC SQUARED!" *blink blink* "I'll take that as a no..."
 Astronauts can't belch -  there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their  stomachs. "Houston...we have a problem..."
 Ancient Roman, Chinese  and German societies often used urine as  mouthwash. For that fresh, clean feeling!    
Because of the speed at  which Earth moves around the Sun, it is impossible for a solar eclipse  to last more than 7 minutes and 58 seconds. *Sobs* My life...is over...  
 There are over 25  million bubbles waiting to burst out of each bottle of  Champagne NO, THERE ARE 25 MILLION AND FIVE! I COUNTED!  
 Google is actually the  common name for a number with a million zeros Duuuh.
 When it originally  appeared in 1886 - Coca Cola was billed as an Esteemed Brain Tonic and  Intellectual Beverage. Think of how disappointed the founders would be to see kids nowadays.
 Zero is the only number  that cannot be represented by Roman numerals The Romans didn't believe in losing. Overachievers.

 The song, Auld Lang  Syne, is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English-speaking  country in the world to bring in the new year. What the heck is that?   
For every real Christmas  tree harvested, two to three seedlings are planted in its  place. See? Christmas is eco-friendly!  
 Drinking water after  eating reduces the acid in your mouth by 61  percent Glub glub    
 Nine out of every 10  living things live in the ocean And another 5% live under rocks.
 The banana cannot  reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of  man Um... then how did humans discover it in the first place?
 Airports at higher  altitudes require a longer airstrip due to lower air  density Denver: Mile High City with a Mile Long Airstrip.
 Fish and Chip selling  officially remained an offensive trade until 1940 due to the smell it  produces It's what Sherlock Holmes tracked down on his free time.  
 The University of Alaska  spans four time zones One big campus.
The tooth is the only  part of the human body that cannot heal itself. They're left hanging.
 In ancient Greece,  tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage.  Catching it meant she accepted.
But what if she caught it accidentally out of reflex?
Intelligent people have  more zinc and copper in their hair. Mmm Mmm Good
 Caffeine increases the  power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some  medicines. "Please, sir, return to your hospital bed!" "I can't, nurse! I'm HYYYYYPPPPEEEERRR!!!!!!!" 
The military salute is a  motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised  their visors to reveal their identity. Darth Vader helped out with that process. Eep aah. Eep ahh.      
If you get into the  bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even  in the middle of the day. Sooty astronomers!       
When a person dies,  hearing is the last sense to go. The first sense lost is  sight "She's dead!" "NOOO!" *dies*     
Trivia in Roman  mythology was the goddess who haunted crossroads, graveyards and was the  goddess of  sorcery and witchcraft.  She wandered about at night, and was seen only by the barking of dogs  who told of her approach. She was also the goddess of stalkers and hobos!        
In ancient times  strangers shook hands to show that they were  unarmed But that doesn't always work to your benefit. For example, if you shook hands with Chuck Norris...
Strawberries are the  only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside They're just cool like that.        
It cost the soft drink  industry $100 million a year for thefts committed involving vending  machines The main crimimals: raccoons and bears      
The moon moves about two  inches away from the Earth each year Earth got REJECTED      
The Earth gets 100 tons  heavier every day due to falling space dust Got some chub in the tub     
 Due to earth's gravity  it is impossible for mountains to be higher than 15,000  meters The sky really is the limit.        
Soldiers do not march in  step when going across bridges because they could set up a vibration  which could be sufficient to knock the bridge  down Where do you think "Three Little Goats Gruff" came from?
Everything weighs one  percent less at the equator Visit Equatorial Ginuea and lose weight!
Mickey Mouse is known as  "Topolino" in Italy Get 'em, Donald Duck!
It takes glass one  million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be  recycled an infinite amount of times! Another recycling thought: do you think we could knit a sweater from Fedie's afro hair? And give it to Michelle?

Oops. I just realized. I think Maya might be subscribed to me... so she automatically gets all of these. Oh, well. While I'm at it, might as well finish off. 

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Maya Pechenov <climberguru@yahoo.com>
To: Kira Lange <twall246@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 5:12 AM
Subject: Fedie's Amazing Ropeplaying Skills

Don't ask; just read. This from our Dragon Rp on the Warriors Forum.
Fedie: Graythorn pointed at the crumpled mass of pink, "your unicorn died."
Other Roleplayer: Ukla saw Grockle fly in on his unicorn, that died, "Hey!" she called to him, "can we cook that up and eat it?"
Fedie: "I doubt it," graythorn said. "those things give me indigestion"
OP: Ukla blinked, "You've... eaten a unicorn before?"
Fedie: "No, why do you ask?" he responded. [....he's a little out of it]
OP: "...No reason," Ukla mumbled.


Show Choir Competition

I told Mikayla that I would try and take pictures or videos during the show choir competition, but I didn't get a chance to... Sooo... I'm going to just go over it here... same thing as a video, right?
I think the most important things that happened today were... ummm....
#1) We got first place for the pep division (meaning we had lots of energy, and totally killed ourselves cheering for the other teams and dancing around in the stands). Actually, even though the award wasn't for our actual performance, it still took TONS of energy. After every performance we yelled, "SYNERGY (our show choir name) LOVES YOU!!!" and the screamed and yelled and clapped and stuff (I was going to write wooed, and then I'm like, oh, wait, that's an actual word.) And then in between each performance we stood up and danced like crazy insane people and did roller coasters and were basically cheerleaders the entire time. It was exhausting. 
#2) I got a super yummy muffin and iced coffee (it was sooooo good!)
#3) We went to McDonalds afterwards, and I got an eggnog shake! It made me so happy! But everyone was teasing me while they were eating because... well... Some information is left better off the internet. Lets just say it was because of a conversation we were having about flirting and leave it at that.
#4) At the end of the day, when we were all super pooped out and about to die, we were all waiting for the bus to come so we could take the drum set outside, and a guy came over to us (meaning me and a couple of other girls) and was like, "I thought you girls were the cutest, so here's a gold star." And then he threw a RED foam star at us, and we were like, "Hey, dude! That's a red star, you idiot." But then one of the girls named Mary Jo picked up the star and he wrote his name and phone number on it!! It's like seriously? Is this guy for real? So the star bopped around our show choir and ended up with a guy named Brad in our choir, and then he kind of threw it at me, and I'm like, whatever. I'll keep it as a souvenir. So I got a guys number...
[i never did end up calling that dude. hmmm....] #5) There was a group of little 12 year olds and they did a Seussical medley and sang the song from Tangled when they're at the Snuggly Duckling... It was sooo cute! There was this little boy who "played" Flynn Rider, and he was adorable! I think probably the cutest thing in the world is little boys who sing and dance and are good at it and don't look like they're being tortured while its happening... So cute!

So yeah. Obviously, a lot more happened today, but I have finals this week to study for. Sooo.... if you really want to know more about it (as I'm sure you are dying to hear every insignificant detail), idk, call me up or something. My phone definitely won't be busy, as I am NOT calling Mr. Star's number.



Yesterday, I walked through Walmart with my eyes as big as moons. And no, its not because I was going through the ice cream aisle. My eyes were literally as big as moons. Because... I got my eyes dilated at Walmart... woot. So I basically walked through a grocery store with my eyes feeling like somebody shoved flour or something under my eyelids (I know that's a weird comparison, but it totally felt like that!). And then I came home and looked in the mirror, and was like, OH MY GOODNESS! I look like a cat! Or a anime character! Or something! And then my second thought was: I wish I was at school so I could puppy-dog-eye someone into giving me a cookie or something. Sadness.