What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday I... went to college at UWW. YAAAAAYYYY!

Which actually wasn't all that eventful. I went with my lovely talented cousin Mikayla, and I hung out in the library while she went to class, and then we basically walked back and forth between Commons and the cafeteria for three hours with huge honking backpacks on our backs while we were waiting for her next class. And then I went to her last class with her, which was a speaker (not her teacher) talking about internships and getting an interview and stuff. It was mildly interesting, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if she had talked more about how to get a job as a teacher, and not as a nurse, but as I was in a Health Career Exploration class, or whatever it was called, talking about nursing jobs was probably more applicable to everyone else. 

And then we went home and made a commercial!! And posted it on Youtube!!! Which is, like, the first time I have ever ever done that!! So it took us forever!!! But we did it, and here it is:


And yes, I realize it needs music and a better voice, but a) we spent probably an hour and a half trying to figure out how to put music on there without messing up all the other sounds and failed, and b) Mikayla and I were by ourselves when we were doing this, with no male people who had relatively epic-ish voices, so we made do with what we had.

Then I went to a youth rally, which was supposed to go until 2ish in the morning, and I was feeling like my gut was about to explode, so my brother and I ended up leaving around 9:30. Which makes me feel kind of lame, but I was feeling really sick, and all these people were expecting me to be super energetic, and I just couldn't handle it. So I came home and watched the commercial again for the sixth time and TOBUSCUS Minecraft videos until 11 and then passed out. But before I left, our youth leaders Megan and Andrew were introducing us (meaning me and some other people from our church) to these guys they knew. One of them, when he learned my name, told me "Oh, wow! That's a really pretty name!" So that was nice. It may not seem like a very huge compliment, but it was nice. When people give me compliments that are unique (NOT "oh, kira! your hair is so gorgeous and i want it!" i get that kind of compliment a lot, and it's nice and i appreciate it, but my hair has nothing to do with who i am as a person, whereas i think my name is something that describes me and my personality extremely well), I totally eat it up. I am the first one to say, if you want something from me, flattery will get you pretty far. My dad wanted me to get contacts, and he told me "Kira, you have such pretty eyes, and your glasses hide them!" And I was like, "Really?!?! I have pretty eyes?!??" And so therefore there are contacts. Just an FYI.

Today I slept in until 10:30 (which is unheard of for me. Usually I wake up around 8:30ish), then ate scrambled eggs and rice and a bagel and a pancake (just one) and lemonade (well, I drank the lemonade) and then went online, checked my email, watched more TOBUSCUS Minecraft videos, read my mom's wedding album, took a shower at 1:30 pm, and now I'm waiting for my hair to dry. Exciting, right?



I have a follower. Woo hoo!!

Otherwise, not much going on.

I'm sick. And exhausted. And surrounded by empty cough drop wrappers. And exhausted. And exhausted and exhausted.


My life is mundane.

Okay, I take it back. It's not mundane (i love that word!). I just went to a 4H meeting on Friday (don't judge me... and no, i'm not explaining what 4H is to y'all. google it.) And next Sunday I'm going on a corn maze/hayride/sneezefest thing with (hopefully) a bunch of my friends, so that should be fun.

Oh, yes. I do have one bright light in my life... ALEX GOOT!!! ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! I mean, IN CONCERT!! AND I'M GOING TO SEE HIM!!! (i don't actually have this much energy right now. but eventually i will. and then it will be ALEX GOOT!!! IN CONCERT!!!)

I'm soooooooo excited to go see him in concert! In real life!!! With Chad Sugg!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! (for all you non-gootigans out there, look him up too. i'm serious. i don't care about the 4H thing, just look alex goot up! he will change. your. life. i promise.)

One more thing I did this weekend besides sneeze and sleep. I read. A ton. Five 300-ish page books total, I think. But "the one" that is most mentionable is a book called "The Book Thief." It was beautiful. I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. It was goot (didja catch that mikayla? :D).

Okay. I'll shut up. Time for some Bill Cosby and crocheting.