Soo... deep post from Kira today... looking at friends on Facebook and feeling kind of jealous because they're having a good time without me... Isn't that shallow? Its like, I don't want anyone to have a good time without me, even though I'm clearly busy, and have no way of getting to the aforementioned friends. NOBODY CAN HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME!!! Anyways, wondering if anyone else feels like this, or if I'm just a very possessive, controlling person.


Friends for MEEEEEE!!! :D

So this week (and this summer in fact) a lot of my main friends were going away, and I was like, crap. What am I going to do with myself? These are friends that I've had for a super super long time, since like 7th grade, and I know for sure I'm going to enjoy myself with them and they can put up with me. So I was kind of sad, because my best friend Maya's been in Russia with Russian boys, and Fedie is gone to go look at Mount Rushmore or something, and my cousin Mikayla has had to work all summer, and then I would have seen her on Sunday, but she got sick and didn't come.... probably from working to hard in the hot heat with little children. Or screaming at Alex Goot. Aaaanyways, I was a little sad, but it turns out, other people can put up with me besides these three people. I actually hang out with more people than these three, but I almost always have one of these three core people with me when I do hang out with others. This week, however I got to hang out with many many awesome people, without my three main friends, and it's been an absolute blast. On Sunday I got to spend the ENTIRE day with three amazing people named Hannah, Andrew, and Collin. Hannah and Andrew are siblings, and Collin is practically related to them, and they're all practically related to me, but I never spend time with them unless Mikayla is there too. Until Sunday. I spent the whole day with them, and even though it was raining at the fair, Andrew still dragged us around outside so he could buy doughnuts and fudge and cheese curds. Luckily, he let me eat some of them, so it was all good though. :D Then we all sat in a row and watched the Holmes family play piano, and I was so exhausted that I almost fell asleep, and barely escaped volunteering myself for singing onstage because I didn't know what I was saying... :D Andrew said I was like his grandma, because the night before she almost fell asleep at Culvers... yeah, I was almost literally sleeping sitting up in a hard metal chair.

Then today, I was hanging out with my friends Breanna and Collin (a different Collin from before). I actually am really good friends with both of them, but once again, I always have one of my "core friends" there too, and today was so much fun! I laughed so much, and we got pistachio muffins (which was basically my dinner), aand I said more than a few really dumb things, but it was okay, because it was just tons of fun...

Sooo.... yeah! I'm just so blessed with all the friends I have, and I love them so much. I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I got to hang out with y'all, and I hope I was tolerable enough that you want to hang out again... <3 :D


Little Story

So, I was going through my old papers, and I found this story that made me crack up. I was a weird kid. Here it is, spelling mistakes included. I couldn't help commenting.

Once opon a time there was a queen. And that queen wanted a child. Oh, how she wanted on. So She went to the town magician who gave her a bottle of red gook. what a lovely choice of words A day went by. The next day, she felt something moving around in her stomach. "Quickly, get me to my bed," she said to her maids. So the maids got the guards who quickly picked up a board with two poles on either side apparently stretchers are just laying around in this country and the maids got a mattress, pillow, pillowcase, and a fancy blanket. The guards picked up the mattress and put it on the board. The maids put the pill ow in the pillowcase, put the pillow on the bed, put the blanket, fixed the blanket in case you didn't know how to make a bed, this story gives you step by step instructions in great detail. The guards hurridly picked up the bed. The raced up the stairs. One of the maids named Sue great name, Sue. showed the guards exactly where the queen was and there she was lying there. "She's problebly just sleeping," said a maid named Maggy where did I get these names? Sue shook the queen gently. Her eyes opened, Maggy and Sue smiled. The guards picked up the queen and put her on the bed. They brought her to her room. The guards put her on her bed. Maggie knelt by her bed. She said, "If you need anything, I'll be right here. A few weeks later okay, either I thought women go into labor for a few weeks long, or women are only pregnant for three weeks. idk. She had a beautiful child. She named her Marinda once again, where are these names coming from? Every one came to the banquet All of a sudden there was hissing of wind, and there stood the Wicked Witch. She said to the queen "Along with everyone else I too have a gift for the girl." All were trembling with fright. "When the child is four years old you will give her to me. Otherwise your kingdom I will destroy Yoda, I am I will put her in a boat. She will float out of sight. You will never see her again!"  and with that she dissapired. Well, when the child was four years old, the Wicked Witch came. "Do you wish to give the child to me? Or will I destroy your kindom? The king and queen were not selfish It was only a matter of generosity. that's it. so with heavy hearts gave the child to the witch. But before they did the told the witch, "Let the girl have her cat." Okay. totally makes sense. The witch did. She carried her out to the boat. It was made for fishermen. It wasn't a yacht. The Wicked Witch pushed the boat off toward sea. Since the little one was asleep when this happened, when she woke up scared and surprised when she woke in the middle of nowhere. There was her little cat sitting on her lap looking just as surprised as herself, but no maids, no comfortable bed, just a uncomfortable fishing boat. don't forget the sea that's surrounding you and the strange, old, possibly green woman in the boat with you. There was a fishing rod so she took it up and thrust it into the water are we talking about a fishing pole or a sword here? She caught two or three fish. One was too small so she threw it back. 

This is where I apparently got bored with writing the story and left poor Marinda alone in the ocean with a witch and a cat and no water and a tendency toward eco-friendliness. Yeah. Once again, I was a strange child. 

1000 Pageviews!!

I can't believe it! I have 1011 pageviews! I have no idea where those views are coming from, but thank you all! To celebrate, I decided to give you a piece of advice from my cousin Mikayla and me: the foolproof ways to pickup someone, whether girl or guy.

"Hellooo (a deep seductive voice is key). I was looking over at you, and you're pretty toasty. In fact, you're so toasty, I'm sweating through my FACE. With me, there will be a party every day inside and sweet dreams tonight, man. Call me maybe?"


Happy Camper

Soooo... just got back from a thrilling camping adventure. I have to say, I am not much of a camping gal. I'm sure everyone knows, I'm what some might call, "picky," so camping with dirt and gross stuff usually doesn't suit me. Okay, okay, it wasn't that bad. It actually could have been a lot worse. Our tent was very very bug proof (meaning that it was sealed really well so spiders couldn't get in), which was good because we may have been underneath a spider nest or something, as they were covering the tent. But they were on the outside, not on the inside, so all was well. It was actually kind of interesting to look up through the little screen in the roof and see them climbing on the ceiling. As long as the spiders were outside the tent, I was, for lack of a better term, a happy camper.

But that wasn't all.... We were camping by Pike Lake (and this is where Maya goes omigosh! I know that place... there's a little beach with lots of trails and a tower... :D) and apparently Pikian Lake territory is very very hilly. ALL HILLS! Which is very sad when you are a less-than-athletic-or-even-physically-fit-person and you are forced to walk up and down the hills at a pace slightly faster than you would like, because somehow your fellow cousins are finding the energy to RUN, like SPRINT down the trail ahead of you, and you will get lost without them. Fortunately, Mikayla was having about as much trouble as I was, and she works out far more often than I do, so that made me feel a little less out of shape (sorry, Mikayla, but it's true!! i love you....) Not to mention that the aforementioned beach, which was actually slightly pathetic, was about 30-45 minutes away from the campsite, and pretty much all up and down very very steep hills. woo hoo.

The other thing that was a major highlight for this trip was the campfire. My mom sent my brother and little cousin off into the woods to get kindling, and she misjudged how much energy they had, and they brought back enough kindling for two more days than we were actually staying at the campsite. This was great... ish. They got all the kindling off of the ground, which meant it was all a) green or b) damp. This made it really really hard to start a fire, and I spent about 2 1/2 hours trying to get the stupid thing going. I actually ended up having to go find a old dead tree to get some decent kindling, and it was a very complicated process. I had to gather all the things I needed ahead of time, and then set some crumpled paper on fire, and then add a pile of dead dry leaves, and then break up tiny pieces of kindling and put that on the fire and then take smaller dry sticks and put that on, and keep getting bigger and bigger until I could put the big logs that would last a while. Whatever. I'm sure you absolutely needed to know that.... :/

I felt like absolute crap on a plate the last day, since I hadn't showered in an amount of time any human being should not be required to not shower (tmi, kira) and my hair was greasy, and I smelled like smoke. I seriously felt like a hippie or something, since I was wearing flip flops, baggy sweat pants and a gigantic men's plaid shirt covered with paint that my mom stole from my grandpa. That's what Kira is like in her natural state... everything is baggy and old and plaid... hehe... But seriously, if I didn't have to dress in a socially acceptable way, I would wear huge men's flannel shirts, (my dog is being a butt and shoving her face under my hand while I type) very very baggy capris and no shoes all the time. But, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to do that. :( Anyways, I was feeling very yucky, and standing in the women's bathroom putting my hair up into something that would feel a little more comfortable than having it plastered to my head, and I was listening to a conversation these little girls were having while seated on the toilet (that sounds creeperish. it wasn't, i promise...) and they were arguing about who would get done relieving herself first. Then, out of the blue, one of the girls blurted out "The lady out there looks really pretty!" I was like, okay... apparently huge dirty flannel shirts and greasy hair are attractive now.... (one other thing: am i the only one who finds it really really weird when people call me ma'am or miss or lady or something? like, it really freaks me out! i'm not old yet!!) Soo... maybe I should start wearing men's shirts now??? Let me know... haha... (just an fyi, my dog made this soo hard to type!! stupid fireworks....)