Freshies, Sleep Deprivation, and the Latin Word for Lead

Hello All of You Without Lives (just like me :)),

Some may think my title is slightly derogatory. It's not, I promise. It's just a fact of life. If you are reading this blog, you have absolutely nothing to do on a Friday night, and you life is a little sad. Just like mine. Sorry to put your life in the same category as mine.

I decided to write this blog because of three reasons.

 1. I am bored right now, and I have no life. And I am way to tired to go out and get a life. 
 2. My friends are tired of me spamming them constantly on emails.
 3. This way I can spout off my deepest darkest desires, without anyone wanting me to explode. (ahem)

If you're still reading by this point, I'm very proud of you. *applauds wildly*

Anyways, this week was the first week of school, and extremely hectic. I lost (wait for it).... 12-18 ish hours of sleep that I desperately need, I started AP Euro, and I turned 15, all at the same time. Oh my goodness. When will the craziness end? I am on a bus with all freshies, and I'm sad to say that I finally get why everyone hates them. THEY KNOW NOTHING!!! Schedule-wise, they're actually pretty good, but, well, I'll just update you on some of the highlights of my music-less, 45 minute bus ride.

"There are all these sophomores in my classes!!! It's like they failed a class or something!!! (this was referring to a Spanish class... Sophomores sometimes don't take Spanish I until sophomore year because they don't have time/room in their schedules/the desire to. I think it is pretty much impossible to fail a class like Spanish I.)

"My classes all have nerds in them!! It's like, ew!! Where did all these people come from?" (yeah, nerd isn't really an insult to us anymore. Find another word to put us down. Thank you and have a good day.)

"You're lucky. You have fun in your class. In our classes we actually have to LEARN! (no duh. You're in high school now. Hellooo??)

And that was seriously all I heard my whole way home on my first day of school. Italics, exclamation points(!!!), and ALL-CAPS included.

The Latin word for lead? Plumbum. I'm not kidding. Maya and I discovered it in Chemistry (our last hour of the day). It amused us to no end.