Snow day... Yay?

Today I woke up a little earlier than usual, and you know how sometimes you wake up and you don't ever want to move again, and sometimes you wake up and you're like, "Hello world! How are you this morning??" Well, yesterday was a "never want to move again" day and today was a "I love everyone day and I can't wait to go to school!" day. However, my mom came in the room and told me that today was a snow day. I was actually really surprised, because it didn't really snow all that much last night. I mean, it obviously snowed a lot, but our school district is really strict about snow days. Like, I'll be trudging to the bus stop with snow up to my knees because the superintendent didn't call snow off, and today there was barely two inches on the ground. And then my mom was like, "Well, its supposed to snow a lot today." No it didn't! It rained the whole morning and then started snowing around two! So it was kind of a pointless snow day. And the internet was down too, so I just practiced the songs for the musical, and danced around the house, and watched the new Muppet Movie. And Tangled (which is like my favorite movie ever of all time). And Princess Diaries Two 'cuz I was kind of bored, and I'm like, whatever. Lets stare at Chris Pine for two hours. Sounds like a constructive use of my time.