Merry Christmas!!!

Here's my next month of weekends: This weekend- Sat=volunteering at a home for older men with mental handicaps, Sun=going to the Christmas Carol in the morning, church @ night. Next weekend- Sat=going to the Art Museum with Maya to gaze at artwork from the French Revolution (don't worry, its for extra credit in AP Euro. I'm not that much of a nerd that I would go there for fun.. like.. Maya... umm... nvm. Edit that part out :D) And then the next weekend is CHRISTMAS, and then nest Saturday I have an all day show choir practice to get ready for Competition. Yeah, my life is crazy. But strangely, well, I willingly volunteered for this, and more strangely, I actually enjoy this kind of craziness. Have you ever heard me say I thrive on chaos? Well, it's true. Welcome to my Christmas Season of No Sleep!!! (and no dreaming of sugarplums.. sadness.)