The Man in the Tower

The Man in the Tower

It's a little bit dark tonight.
It's hard to see by candlelight. 
But it's enough for him to write what he needs,
It's enough to let his soul be freed. 
It's funny how fast legends die, 
Once upon a time you'll need to cry.
Sometime we'll find out where old stories go,
Somehow we'll both know.

He catches his breath
As he hears footsteps 
In the hall;
It's no one at all.
He returns to his pen and ink
How long do churchbells ring?

The man in the tower
Writing words of love, 
Sending dreams of happiness
To his only inspiration.
No one else has the power to send these words of love. 
He's pure genius, nothing less.
What's the occasion?
I can see him now. 
Sweat drips from his brow
As he writes till dawn.
What's the purpose of his song?
Words of magic in a letter. 
He adds this note to the countless before
That lie unread in a pile by the floor
No one frees him from his cell.
No one notices his private hell.
He's alone in the tower, lost and scared, 
Wondering how to get back to the love he once shared.
Because, my friend, you see,
The man in the tower

Written by David Lange