Make a Fool of Kira Day

(do you remember that, Maya? :D good times...) Well, Kira made a total dork out of herself today... yeah. I sang a solo in front of... yeah, a lot of people. And I didn't do so hot. I was kind of figuring that the only people I would be singing in front of would be my parents, the judge, Sam (my accompanist), and that was it. Nope. It was my parents, Sam, the judge, Sam's parents, my friends Mandy and Nicole, and this girl named Brittany. And her accompanist. And her parents. Yup. All watching me sing a solo, when I barely warmed up, and my voice broke twice, and it was just... horrible. Ugh. I was just so stressed out, and wound up, it wasn't even me singing up there. Everyone who was watching was like, oh, its Kira, she never gets nervous (at least, I hope they were thinking that. Maybe they were just waiting in anticipation for me to fail? :s :D). Yeah, I do get nervous. Oh, wells. As they say, whateves. There's always next year. Its just... I wish I didn't totally make an idiot of myself in front of so many people... grrs. Why do I always do this to myself??? :P O_o