Little Story

So, I was going through my old papers, and I found this story that made me crack up. I was a weird kid. Here it is, spelling mistakes included. I couldn't help commenting.

Once opon a time there was a queen. And that queen wanted a child. Oh, how she wanted on. So She went to the town magician who gave her a bottle of red gook. what a lovely choice of words A day went by. The next day, she felt something moving around in her stomach. "Quickly, get me to my bed," she said to her maids. So the maids got the guards who quickly picked up a board with two poles on either side apparently stretchers are just laying around in this country and the maids got a mattress, pillow, pillowcase, and a fancy blanket. The guards picked up the mattress and put it on the board. The maids put the pill ow in the pillowcase, put the pillow on the bed, put the blanket, fixed the blanket in case you didn't know how to make a bed, this story gives you step by step instructions in great detail. The guards hurridly picked up the bed. The raced up the stairs. One of the maids named Sue great name, Sue. showed the guards exactly where the queen was and there she was lying there. "She's problebly just sleeping," said a maid named Maggy where did I get these names? Sue shook the queen gently. Her eyes opened, Maggy and Sue smiled. The guards picked up the queen and put her on the bed. They brought her to her room. The guards put her on her bed. Maggie knelt by her bed. She said, "If you need anything, I'll be right here. A few weeks later okay, either I thought women go into labor for a few weeks long, or women are only pregnant for three weeks. idk. She had a beautiful child. She named her Marinda once again, where are these names coming from? Every one came to the banquet All of a sudden there was hissing of wind, and there stood the Wicked Witch. She said to the queen "Along with everyone else I too have a gift for the girl." All were trembling with fright. "When the child is four years old you will give her to me. Otherwise your kingdom I will destroy Yoda, I am I will put her in a boat. She will float out of sight. You will never see her again!"  and with that she dissapired. Well, when the child was four years old, the Wicked Witch came. "Do you wish to give the child to me? Or will I destroy your kindom? The king and queen were not selfish It was only a matter of generosity. that's it. so with heavy hearts gave the child to the witch. But before they did the told the witch, "Let the girl have her cat." Okay. totally makes sense. The witch did. She carried her out to the boat. It was made for fishermen. It wasn't a yacht. The Wicked Witch pushed the boat off toward sea. Since the little one was asleep when this happened, when she woke up scared and surprised when she woke in the middle of nowhere. There was her little cat sitting on her lap looking just as surprised as herself, but no maids, no comfortable bed, just a uncomfortable fishing boat. don't forget the sea that's surrounding you and the strange, old, possibly green woman in the boat with you. There was a fishing rod so she took it up and thrust it into the water are we talking about a fishing pole or a sword here? She caught two or three fish. One was too small so she threw it back. 

This is where I apparently got bored with writing the story and left poor Marinda alone in the ocean with a witch and a cat and no water and a tendency toward eco-friendliness. Yeah. Once again, I was a strange child.