Friends for MEEEEEE!!! :D

So this week (and this summer in fact) a lot of my main friends were going away, and I was like, crap. What am I going to do with myself? These are friends that I've had for a super super long time, since like 7th grade, and I know for sure I'm going to enjoy myself with them and they can put up with me. So I was kind of sad, because my best friend Maya's been in Russia with Russian boys, and Fedie is gone to go look at Mount Rushmore or something, and my cousin Mikayla has had to work all summer, and then I would have seen her on Sunday, but she got sick and didn't come.... probably from working to hard in the hot heat with little children. Or screaming at Alex Goot. Aaaanyways, I was a little sad, but it turns out, other people can put up with me besides these three people. I actually hang out with more people than these three, but I almost always have one of these three core people with me when I do hang out with others. This week, however I got to hang out with many many awesome people, without my three main friends, and it's been an absolute blast. On Sunday I got to spend the ENTIRE day with three amazing people named Hannah, Andrew, and Collin. Hannah and Andrew are siblings, and Collin is practically related to them, and they're all practically related to me, but I never spend time with them unless Mikayla is there too. Until Sunday. I spent the whole day with them, and even though it was raining at the fair, Andrew still dragged us around outside so he could buy doughnuts and fudge and cheese curds. Luckily, he let me eat some of them, so it was all good though. :D Then we all sat in a row and watched the Holmes family play piano, and I was so exhausted that I almost fell asleep, and barely escaped volunteering myself for singing onstage because I didn't know what I was saying... :D Andrew said I was like his grandma, because the night before she almost fell asleep at Culvers... yeah, I was almost literally sleeping sitting up in a hard metal chair.

Then today, I was hanging out with my friends Breanna and Collin (a different Collin from before). I actually am really good friends with both of them, but once again, I always have one of my "core friends" there too, and today was so much fun! I laughed so much, and we got pistachio muffins (which was basically my dinner), aand I said more than a few really dumb things, but it was okay, because it was just tons of fun...

Sooo.... yeah! I'm just so blessed with all the friends I have, and I love them so much. I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I got to hang out with y'all, and I hope I was tolerable enough that you want to hang out again... <3 :D