Biggest Waterpark In The World

Sooo... haven't blogged in a long time... but my life has been pretty uneventful lately... getting together with friends at the library, shopping, working, etc., etc. Yesterday, however I went to NOAH'S ARK!! WOO HOO! Where I proceeded to burn, bite, and bruise myself quite a lot. Only to you Kira, only to you. Therefore... I am very very sore today, aaand I really don't want to do anything for the next month. Unfortunately, I have to. Sadness. And, I also don't really want to wear a shirt, because my burn is all on my shoulders and chest. Thank God for tank tops. Otherwise I would pretty much be goin' shirtless right now. That's the point I'm at. Anyways, ramblings. Yes, I went on the Black Anaconda (for those of you who are not Wisconsinites, or have never been to the Dells, those are rides. Just an FYI.) , and I loved it, and no, I did not go on the Point of No Return or the Scorpion's Tail. My favorite ride though, was one called Flash Flood. It was actually a very simple ride, basically a mini rollercoaster where you are in a little car and you go up the ride, and then around and straight down, and you have a little of the thrill factor falling straight down, but the best part is when you hit bottom, it creates this HUGE SPLASH and its soooo cool! Yeah, surrounded by all the rides with huge turns and near-death experiences, and I like the one that makes a big splash. Buuut you could stand right where the water was about to hit afterwards and get completely soaked as the wave blasted you and it was SO COOL!! Yeah, I know... I'm a little pathetic. But that's why everyone loves me, right? :D

P.S. Squishy. Squishy.