Fun fact: People who use Match.com are 3 times more likely to find a match on Match.com than people who never use the website. Go figure.

 Everyone I talk to is aching to know if I have a crush on someone. I mean, it's okay in high school, like, we're in high school.  If you don't have a crush on someone, you're abnormal or something (nobody had better say anything about me being abnormal in the first place. >:( ... :D) You know how Google looks at the stuff you click on and stuff, and then fits advertisements to you? Well, apparently Google is in on the "Kira-needs-a-crush" scheme, because the advertisement just told me to find my soulmate on Match.com! Like, seriously? Really? Who's pulling the strings here, because this is just weird.

Two minutes later: I just previewed this blog on my site, and the computer put a link on "find your soulmate." This is ceasing to be funny. o_o