Introducing Electric Guitar: The New Ibuprofen!

Today I had an absolutely splitting headache in musical practice, and no ibuprofen or anything, so it was horrible. But then afterwards I decided to go in the band room and hang out. Right next to people playing the drums and Kevin the guitar guy and the piano. Kira's a smart person!!! (NOT!). But it actually helped a little... I guess being distracted from my headache was kind of a painkiller. I was in more pain listening to Kevin wail on the guitar than from my headache (No, I'm kidding. Kevin is literally amazing on the guitar. I was sitting there watching his fingers fly up and down across the strings and I was just in awe. But of course, I didn't tell him that. His head is big enough already.) And then I got to dance around in the back of the room while the jazz band had practice, because Mr. Waite is awesome and doesn't care that I don't belong in the band room. I kind of miss being in band (See, now we'll know whether Fedie actually reads these posts or not because he won't be able to resist posting some sarcastic comment about me not being in band.) Kevin had to play the same chord for an entire song, and so he came up to me, and this is how our little conversation went.
"Please, kill me now. Just kill me now." (while still playing the correct chords on beat and whatever)
"Gladly! I shall beat you to death with my phone." (insert pantomime of beating Kevin to death here)
*10 minutes later *
"I'm serious. Just kill me. Please! Please! Please!"
"I can't. I have to be a good girl and be quiet in the back and not be distracting. I think beating you to death would be described as "bad," and it definitely would be distracting."

I'm paraphrasing a little. Okay, here endeth the pointless blog that I spewed out at 11: 39 at night even though I should be sleeping. Good night! I love you all! <3 Oh, yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAYA!! AND MY MOTHER!! (even though my mother doesn't read my blogs. actually, i doubt she knows i even have one.... okay. no more tangents. i love maya best of all, even though she expected me to remember her birthday in the quarter of a second i saw her in the hallway today....)