Show Choir Competition

I told Mikayla that I would try and take pictures or videos during the show choir competition, but I didn't get a chance to... Sooo... I'm going to just go over it here... same thing as a video, right?
I think the most important things that happened today were... ummm....
#1) We got first place for the pep division (meaning we had lots of energy, and totally killed ourselves cheering for the other teams and dancing around in the stands). Actually, even though the award wasn't for our actual performance, it still took TONS of energy. After every performance we yelled, "SYNERGY (our show choir name) LOVES YOU!!!" and the screamed and yelled and clapped and stuff (I was going to write wooed, and then I'm like, oh, wait, that's an actual word.) And then in between each performance we stood up and danced like crazy insane people and did roller coasters and were basically cheerleaders the entire time. It was exhausting. 
#2) I got a super yummy muffin and iced coffee (it was sooooo good!)
#3) We went to McDonalds afterwards, and I got an eggnog shake! It made me so happy! But everyone was teasing me while they were eating because... well... Some information is left better off the internet. Lets just say it was because of a conversation we were having about flirting and leave it at that.
#4) At the end of the day, when we were all super pooped out and about to die, we were all waiting for the bus to come so we could take the drum set outside, and a guy came over to us (meaning me and a couple of other girls) and was like, "I thought you girls were the cutest, so here's a gold star." And then he threw a RED foam star at us, and we were like, "Hey, dude! That's a red star, you idiot." But then one of the girls named Mary Jo picked up the star and he wrote his name and phone number on it!! It's like seriously? Is this guy for real? So the star bopped around our show choir and ended up with a guy named Brad in our choir, and then he kind of threw it at me, and I'm like, whatever. I'll keep it as a souvenir. So I got a guys number...
[i never did end up calling that dude. hmmm....] #5) There was a group of little 12 year olds and they did a Seussical medley and sang the song from Tangled when they're at the Snuggly Duckling... It was sooo cute! There was this little boy who "played" Flynn Rider, and he was adorable! I think probably the cutest thing in the world is little boys who sing and dance and are good at it and don't look like they're being tortured while its happening... So cute!

So yeah. Obviously, a lot more happened today, but I have finals this week to study for. Sooo.... if you really want to know more about it (as I'm sure you are dying to hear every insignificant detail), idk, call me up or something. My phone definitely won't be busy, as I am NOT calling Mr. Star's number.