An Un-Wonderful Day

"Oh, what a beautiful moooorrrning... Oh what a beautiful daaaaayyyy.... I've got a beautiful feeeeliiiiinnnnngggg-" NOOO STOP! Not a good day! Not. A. Good. Day!

Today started out with me waking up late, and my mom rushing into my room, freaking out about how late it was. Pretty normal for me... Haha... I rushed into the bathroom, did my makeup and everything, and brushed my teeth.... then froze. I was holding my brother's toothbrush in my hand, covered with toothpaste foam. Did  I just.... use my brothers toothbrush! Ewww!! Nasty nasty nasty! Then I looked outside, and hey! It's raining. So I went a little slower because usually my mom drives me to the bus stop when its raining, so I didn't need to leave as early to walk. Nope. She doesn't drive me, because it's not raining that bad out. It was raining enough to say it was raining, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. Halfway to the bus stop, it started raining harder. And harder. And harder. By the time I got to the top of my hill, my head was soaked. Yay. I love my life. So I get to school, and make a couple sarcastic comments about how, hey, guys! It's raining outside. First hour was pretty good. I was dancing with a guy named Connor, and he was pretty nice and not all awkward. Then, when I was in the locker room afterwards, I sprayed myself with perfume... in my mouth! Uuuuugh.... When will the torment ever end? Theen... I got to second hour, and started getting really bad cramps. I went to the health room, and asked if I could call my mom to see if she could bring some medicine. To show you how bad my day was, that was the highlight of my day: sitting in the health room with a hot pad on my stomach. A couple of my friends walked by, including Collin and Ariel. Collin did, like, a double take when he walked past me. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I was born a female." I replied. Sarcastically. Today was a day for major sarcasm for me. Ariel didn't get it.


"I'm a girl. I was born female."

"OOOOOOOHHHHH!! I get it now! Don't worry, I'm a girl too."

"Yes. I think I've realized that by this point."

So my mom gets to school with the medicine, and things start looking up. And then down. Because the medicine didn't work. And I still feel sick right now. In choir, I had to sit down during sectionals, so of course everyone starts freaking out and telling me I should go to the health room (which actually made me feel even more uncomfortable) Sorry, already tried that, and it didn't work. And I didn't really want to go home, 'cuz I'd already got my mom up to the school, and I didn't want to make her come up again. So here I sit. In pain. Did I mention how much I love my life? The guy who sits in front of me (I think y'all know him. Mentioned him in one of my recent blogs? Yeah. That one.) just asked me what's wrong, and I told him that I just didn't feel good. Then he asked, "Is there any underlying reason?" and then fixed his blue-green eyes on me.... sigh. No! Kira! Bad girl! And so I told him no, but then stopped and said.... "Umm... there kind of is one..." Those EYES! "I'm a female." Lightbulb pops on. "Well, Kira, I'm sorry that you have those... female parts."

"I am too."

So I'm skipping out on drama practice tonight, and going home and probably watching Sterling Knight on Youtube. I really really hate being a girl.....