Spring Break

*I found this in my drafts... don't why I didn't post it before... huh...*

Soo... while others are basking in the sunlight of Florida or something, I sit here and eat jellybeans and fry my brains out in front of the TV. Yaaay. With no internet. Yaay. (and before some smart aleck comments, I'm at the library writing this. So there.) So I though I would just give a quick update about things that are going on in my life.

  1. We started "Ethnic Dance" in gym. Woo hoo. Actually, its pretty fun. Probably because its like the one thing in gym that I don't fail epically at. Except maybe badminton. I was okay at that. Annyyyways... the first dance, while pretty easy, kind of made me feel like an idiot. Or a leprechaun. Or a leprechaun idiot... Wow. The TV really must be frying my brains. I'm rambling more than usual.... and I'm back. The second dance was a partner dance. Joy. And unfortunately, there are no boys in my gym class that I even feel the slightest attraction to. Or friendliness towards. Or civility towards. Okay, its not really that bad. I just don't have any guy friends in the class. Mr. Demato (aka the football coach aka my teacher) kind of paired us all up, but there was one girl left over. The first time, when we learned how to properly do the position-that-you-do-when-you-ballroom-dance (is there a specific name for that?), I had a partner. Then the guys all rotated, and I was left over... Mr. Demato demonstrated the simplest dance in the history of ever THREE TIMES by himself, and then turned to me and was like, "Do you think you got this?" I was like, I dance. I've done much harder things than this. But apparently the rest of the class wasn't really that great at it, because I actually looked halfway decent apparently. I got complimented for gently nudging my partner into place (Words of wisdom from Kira Lange: If boys don't do what you want, don't shove them around. Gently nudge them into place, so that they don't even realize you're doing it. Works (almost) every time.)
  2. The dog I'm watching has so far puked in my room, ripped up her (filled) diaper and spread the shreds all over my bed and made a puddle in the kitchen. Twice. And she's like three years old. But she's a sweetie, and I'm getting paid twenty dollars a day. So it's okay.
  3. I watched the Phantom of the Opera last night. It was really good. His face was so ugly! But his voice was sooo good. I was seriously freaked out by the little bit of brain they had showing through his skull though. This kind of goes without saying, but I cried, as I do during every movie. Poor Phantom.