Welcome to Culvers, May I Take Your Order?

Soooo, if you've read the title, I think you know where this post is going....

I applied for a job at Sussex Culvers, and I didn't get the job, so I'm like, what the heck, might as well apply for Menomonee Falls Culvers too. Since that's the only flippin' place I can legally work at. :P I wasn't really expecting to get a call from them, but today I did! And they want an interview with me! (Weirdly enough, my friend Jewell also applied at the Sussex Culvers, except  she ended up getting an interview, and she actually went to that interview today.) So the guy who called me at MF Culvers was named Matt, and I actually talked to him again today. Here's how the conversation went:

Random Girl: "Welcome to Culvers! How may I help you?"

Me: "Umm... I applied for a job a couple weeks ago, and I was told to call here today?"

Random Girl: "Yeah, sure. Just a second. Can I have your name?"

Me: "Kira Lange. K-I-R-A L-A-N-G-E." (I automatically spell out my name when I tell people it because they never know how to spell it.)

Matt: "Hello? I'm Matt."

Me: "Yes? I'm Kira? You called me earlier today about a job interview?"

Matt: "Moshymooshymush."

Me: "Sorry, what?"

Matt: "Hoshymoshymoooshymoo?"

Me: *awkward pause* "I'm really sorry, could I just have that one more time?"

Matt: "How are you?"

Me: *embarrassed laughter* Oh, I'm good."

Matt: "So, do you think you could come in tomorrow or Friday?"

Me: "Well, I can't come in tomorrow or Friday until 5:30 because I have drama practice."

Matt: "You're in what?"

Me: "I'm in drama."

Matt: "Oh! That's cool."

Me: "Do you think Saturday would work?"

Matt: "No, I don't work that day." (So apparently that means he's the one who's gonna interview me...) Sunday?"

Me: "I'm free all day Sunday!"

Matt: "Would three work on Sunday?"

Me: "Yeah! Thanks!"

And the prize for the most awkward conversation today goes to... me! I can see this relationship with Matt is going to be marvelous.... since we can barely understand each other.... :D