Ohhh Yeeeah....

Sooo first day of high school as an upperclassman, and let me say, THOSE FRESHIES ARE GOING DOWN!! I can't wait to terrorize their little minds!!!


No, I'm kidding. I would never do anything to them. Too much work. Buuuut... I am finally an upperclassman. Aaaand, as I'm sure you're dying to know how my first day went, here you go:

I've had a strong, strong hatred for the buses since all my friends got their licenses (fyi, i'm starting driver's ed next week. FINALLY!). This morning wasn't too painful though. Once again, I was probably the oldest person on that bus. Random thought: I really hate it when I'm in situations where I feel really tall or old or just big in general. I like feeling small and young and short. Just a random fact about me. I guess most people feel that way. But, it was really quiet. Everyone was on their mobile devices, and the little Indian girl next to me looked like she was in 6th grade, so she didn't say a single thing the entire time. The only people who were annoying were, of course, right behind me, but they were pretty easy to ignore this morning..

I think my first and second hours are going to be the most painful this semester: Spanish II and Advanced Algebra. Now, let me explain something. Many students take Spanish I their freshman year, or if they're really on top of things, they take it in 8th grade and are able to take Spanish II their freshman year. So, you can see how being a junior in Spanish II might be a little awkward. I took Span. I my freshman year, but last year I didn't have room. Luckily, I have Sam Kivimaki, Macy Caliendo and Sarah Philippi with me. I thought it might be torture, but it shouldn't be too bad. Might get a little awkward with the odd number, but whatever. I'm okay with being the loner jellyfish once in a while (for those of you who don't understand what I'm talking about, sorry, I don't feel like explaining.) Then second hour is Advanced Algebra. That class.... is gonna be pretty boring. And it's second hour, which is my zone out hour. Its when any caffeine loses its power, or I just kind of have issues concentrating. Soooo yeah. That might be a problem.

Then... I get to go to A CAPELLA!! #ohhappydays I love that class already, and I've only been in it for one class. Its gonna be a lot of work, but SO much fun. We have probably the coolest people in the school in that class. I might be a little biased though.... :D Then I have lunch, which is nice because I have a couple new people to talk to, so I'm not stuck with my other friends who, as much as I love them, annoy me by talking about various vampires and which ones are stronger, and which manga is better. I have nothing to contribute to that conversation. I just end up staring at them the entire lunch. As beautiful as Allie Bitz is, its a little boring. And then I have choir! AAAAAAY! I have a whole 90 minutes of singing, and it makes me so happy! I finish out my day with AP Language. This class will either be really fun, or a huge pain in the butt. I'm glad there's so many of my friends in the class. Usually what happens in most classes is I'll have a few friends, and we just kind of sit in the corner and be nerds. But this class, there is about 2/3 dorks like me, and 1/3 popular people who think they're smart, or are actually smart, but pretend they're not. Sooooo we'll probably be murdered by the end of the year from ticking them off. Or they'll be suffocated by us. Either way, someone's going down. Annnnywayss.... i think i'm leaving now... not enough coffee and too much time without a nap.