Demon Man

Driving is always an adventure. I was practicing with my mom today (I actually got up to the actual speed limit! WOO HOO!! Aren't you proud of me? :D) and as I was cautiously pulling up a hill, I saw two figures, one small and normal sized, and one huge, black, and Grim Reaper shaped. Did I mention that he was coming out of an abandoned field? Yeah, total creepstertown. As I drive past, he kind of just stares at us with his marred face and abnormally large nose. I felt a little uncomfortable. Just another day in the life of Kira A. Lange. Oh, yeah, and my parking skills are sadly lacking. I was having many issues, one of which being that I was cracking up so hard, that I could barely steer. Apparently steering is an essential component of parking. Who knew?