Something Sweet

Sometimes making a joke about yourself kind of backfires and makes you seem full of yourself instead. I know that sounds really derogatory, and kind of depressing, but just let me explain.

Every morning a bunch of us weirdos gather at Michael's locker to talk and whatever. It kind of sucks sometimes, meeting at Michael's locker, because his locker is in the middle of the hallway, and sometimes our group gets kind of big and clogs up the hallway, or we block people's lockers. Therefore, we have dubbed ourselves, "The Tumor." The Tumor usually consists of myself, Collin, Fedie, a girl named Dani that I've never introduced to you before, but she's such a sweetie, and Maya and Hailey.... aaaand sometimes Breanna or Emily (i'm trying to remember everyone. it's hard.) and some of her friends and this guy named Nick. Most people think Nick is kind of a dork. I guess that's true. I think one word I would use to describe Nick is: tall. I know, so perceptive, Kira. But really, I come up to this guy's mid-bicep. He kind of reminds me of a much older version of my brother. I guess that's why I get along with him. Okay, now that I've bored you to death with the backstory, finally, I can explain what I was saying before. I ended up in the Tumor between Collin and Nick (which made me feel very short, bt dubs), and then when we had do "condense the Tumor" (we were getting malignant) I ended up between Fedie and Nick (i felt slightly less short). Nick was like, "I could elbow you in the face right now if I wanted to without even trying." And I looked up at him with  my patented "angel eyes" and I said, "But you're not, because my face is just too cute." See, the thing is, I make jokes like this all the time. I don't know why I do. I think I just started making comments that I'm drop-dead gorgeous a while ago, and people thought it was funny. Sooo... I kept at it. I know that I'm NOT gorgeous, and I'm not trying to fish for compliments, because I'm just so blatantly sarcastic that when someone agrees with me instead of the usual, "Mmm-hmmm. Riiiight. Kira. Sure you are," it kind of takes me aback. Nick just kind of looked at me, and he said, "Well, that is true. I wouldn't want to mess up that face. But I'm also just not a mean guy." And the sweet thing was, he wasn't really being sarcastic when he was agreeing with me. Believe me, I know sarcasm. I'm like, the queen of sarcasm. Or at least the duchess. I don't know. It just totally made my day, and it was really sweet. :)