Awkward Taco

I've started noticing that I'm kind of bad at receiving compliments. If someone gives me a compliment like, "Oh my gosh, Kira. Your look so cute today," or "Your voice is like an angel," I tend to try to explain the compliment away, by saying something like, "Yeah, I pretty much threw this on this morning, and apparently it looks halfway decent. Woot." or "Eh... you should have heard me in a cappella today. I sounded like a dying frog." I don't know why I always react this way. I don't want to say its because I don't have all the confidence in the world in myself, but... I don't know. I mean, most girls don't look at themselves in the mirror every day and say, "Dang girl... you look fiiiiineeee...." But today, this really sweet girl named Amanda wished me luck on a music competition I have that's coming up this Saturday. It wasn't even a compliment! It was just a really sweet thing to say! But my knee-jerk reaction of putting myself down kicked in, and instead of graciously accepting it, I just kind of shrugged and was like... "Yeah, I'm going to need the luck. Hopefully I don't make a complete idiot of myself like last year." Why did I need to put myself down like that? Why couldn't I just say thank you and move on with life? Its so weird. I should just say thank you, smile, and go about my business, but apparently I can't do that.


I'm such an awkward person.